Fact: going to the dentist is not anyone’s favourite pastime. Myth: going to the dentist in West Byfleet is a terrifying ordeal where I am bound to feel pain.

Give us the chance to change your views on oral health providers. We can promise you high quality and compassionate care in a relaxed environment, catering for nervous adults and children.

From routine dentistry to life-altering procedures, our dental team offer a full spectrum of treatments.

We prioritise oral health and hygiene

Do you know that the easiest way to avoid mouth infections and diseases is to brush your teeth twice a day and floss in those hard-to-reach spaces frequently? This might seem obvious to you, but every day, we see issues that could have been prevented if people prioritised dental care more.

The role of our hygienist is not only to clean and polish your teeth but also to promote self-care. Tooth decay and gum diseases are often the results of neglect and ineffective cleaning habits.

Allow us to provide you with a demonstration if you are not sure that you are brushing and flossing correctly. Just a little more time spent on your teeth could spell less time in the dentist’s chair for you in the future.

We create perfect teeth

A crooked smile, a chipped tooth or pearly whites that are more yellow than white, these are all problems we can fix using our advanced technologies accompanied by the skilful nature of our dentists in West Byfleet.

If modern orthodontics can teach you one thing, it is that you are never too old and it is never too late for braces. If the look of braces has made you hesitate in the past, remember that straightening aids have transformed in shape and design since they were first introduced to society.

Our practice goes so far as to offer a practically invisible device. Invisalign is a popular method of straightening teeth, liked for its discreet appearance and effective way of realigning teeth. Over a period of a couple of months up to two years, your teeth are moved into place using multiple sets of plastic, clear retainers.

A chipped tooth might not have serious adverse effects on your physical health, but it can damage your self-esteem. Cover your chip with a custom-fabricated veneer in a simple procedure where we bond a paper-thin material on the enamel of your tooth and repair the broken part of your pearly white. Step out in public without worrying about other people’s judgements.

Our teeth dull as we age, a process accelerated by consuming certain beverages, such as wine or coffee, or inhaling copious amounts of nicotine, that stain. Cover unsightly marks and tooth discolouration with teeth whitening. Whitening is the quickest way to a complete transformation where you can look forward to whiter and brighter teeth in just two appointments with your dentist in West Byfleet.

Restorative dentistry

Another side effect of getting older is losing your teeth. Though it might be common, missing one or multiple teeth is traumatising and is bound to have an impact on your self-esteem and confidence.

Talk to our implant dentist if you think dental implants are right for you. Implants, unlike alternative restorative methods, replace your old teeth at the root, meaning your artificial teeth functions and looks like its neighbour.

Are you looking for a family dentist who is highly qualified, experienced and friendly? We provide the full package!

There are so many positives to taking adequate care of your oral health that go beyond the white and shiny appearance of your teeth. The simple actions of brushing, flossing and using antibacterial mouthwash remove germs that cause bad breath, gum diseases and tooth decay.

Our vision at Byfleet Boutique is not only to stop these diseases in their tracks, but also to provide you with the know-how that will prevent you from having to experience an unhealthy mouth.

This article provides you with information on how you can take better care of your teeth starting today.

Make sure you see the dentist in West Byfleet twice a year

You might still experience dental issues beyond your control, despite your best efforts and care, which is why you should see your local dentist twice a year to avoid trouble.

You know that dental anxiety is a real and prevailing issue in society. We offer services catered to your needs at a pace that you are comfortable with. Failing to see us when you need to because of anxiety or nerves could turn something that is easy to treat into a more complicated issue.

Use fluoridated toothpaste

There are several different brands and types of paste in this day and age, but all of them contain one common ingredient; mineral fluoride. Fluoride is vital for fighting cavities by strengthening your enamel, the outer protective layer that encases the rest of your tooth.

If you are unsure about which toothpaste you should use, ask our dentist in West Byfleet to recommend something. There are certain types you should stay away from if you have sensitive teeth as a more abrasive toothpaste could cause harm and weaken your enamel.

You should be flossing daily

People incorrectly assume that flossing is an added extra, but it should form part of your brushing.

Here is a frightening statistic for you: approximately 65% of all germs in your mouth are removed with brushing, leaving behind 35% of bacteria to breed and multiply in the spaces you cannot reach with a regular brush and paste. The excess bacteria leaves you more susceptible to decaying teeth, caused by bacteria attacking your enamel, and gum disease, as plaque accumulates around your gum line and teeth.

Learn to floss correctly

While some people put in the time and effort to floss, not everyone flosses using the correct technique.

Here is how you should be flossing:

Wind a lengthy piece of floss around your two middle fingers, leaving a couple of centimetres to work with. Holding it tightly between your thumbs and index fingers, gently slide the floss up and down your teeth, making sure also to remove missed plaque from your gumline. Remember not to force the floss; this could result in you bruising your gums.

Do not re-use floss - this spreads germs and makes flossing redundant.

Watch your diet

What you eat contributes to the overall health of your teeth. Avoid a diet with high sugar intake. Bacteria use these sugar particles to create a harmful acid that breaks down your enamel while aggravating your gums.

While saliva neutralises these acids, your mouth’s natural defence mechanisms can only do so much to prevent cavities if you eat a lot of sugar and carbohydrates.

To prevent the above from occurring limit your sugar intake (including fructose), and eat a balanced diet featuring vegetables, chicken, yoghurt, nuts and cheese, among other things.

If you do indulge in the odd sugary treat, consume it in one sitting rather than over a couple of hours to prevent exposing your mouth to acid attacks for longer.

If you have a regular and pervasive dental issue and are not sure where you are going wrong with your oral hygiene, come and have a chat with our dentist in West Byfleet!

With so much emphasis on cosmetic dental work, it can be easy to forget about preventive dentistry. After all let us not forget, for people to undergo any type of cosmetic dental treatment, their mouth has to be in tip-top shape.

Preventive dentistry is the underlying foundation of good oral health and is important for children and adults alike. As it focusses on averting issues and diagnostic areas of oral health, it is essential to prevent advanced dental problems that can occur with your teeth and gums.

Unlike cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry can be performed by multiple oral health providers and even patients in their own homes. When you come to Byfleet Dental Boutique for preventative dental work, our dentists in West Byfleet along with our oral hygienists will work together to ensure your mouth, your teeth and your gums are healthy.

Which dental treatments are preventive?

An interesting facet of preventive dentistry is that it is usually performed by many different professionals. If you are a patient at a smaller dental surgery, you may find the staff ill-equipped to offer the full set of preventive treatments to you.

Our dentists in West Byfleet can offer you all of the preventive services you could ever need under one roof.

Hygiene appointments

Performed by our hygienist dentists in West Byfleet, hygiene based appointments are an additional service that is undertaken alongside regular dental check-ups. A common hygienist procedure that we offer is a scale and polish.

Our hygienists will assess the condition of your mouth to explore how much plaque and tartar removal you may need and can advise you on risk assessments to prevent the accumulation from reoccurring. To remove the plaque, a series of gels and pastes will be used along with specialist equipment.

If you have special dental needs due to partial bridges, implants or dentures, our hygienists can advise you on a personalised oral care routine to keep your mouth disease and decay free.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer rates are gradually increasing and as with all cancers, early detection is the key to recovery.

If you have any small lumps, bumps or areas that feel constantly sore, you should come in and see one of our dentists for a screening; it is a painless procedure and if our dentists deem it necessary, they can refer you for further testing with a specialist consultant. If you smoke, you should be undertaking one oral cancer screening a year.

Child dentistry

Young children are at a higher risk of developing tooth decay than other age groups, so we offer specialised services to help children keep their teeth and gums healthy.

We are able to provide fluoride sealants on teeth that are showing the early stages of decay and coming to the dentist earlier in life allows identification of conditions like under- and overbites, so they can be treated earlier.

Contact us today for more information about our different preventive dental services.

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