It may seem like an unusual place to go for facial aesthetics, but today, many dental surgeries offer facial rejuvenation that will soften the appearance of wrinkles without having to resort to extreme surgical procedures.

As dentists receive extensive training on facial structure, they are fully equipped to perform delicate facial work and can do so precisely and safely.

At Byfleet Dental Boutique, our dentists in West Byfleet are experienced at providing facial aesthetic procedures and can help you improve your appearance with the most popular methods on the market.

What types of facial aesthetics can I receive?

Our dentists in West Byfleet can help you pick the perfect process to give your face a softer, younger look but ultimately, the decision is yours.

We offer a range of different products to keep your face looking youthful, but there are two types of facial aesthetics that are requested more often than others.

Dermal fillers

As people age, their skin begins to lose hyaluronic acid naturally, allowing lines and wrinkles to appear more prominent.

We can offer dermal fillers to our customers, which are made from non-animal sources and are comprised of sterile hyaluronic acids. These fillers are gently injected into the skin and instantly reduce the appearance of lines, folds and deep-set wrinkles.

To prevent discomfort, areas that will be treated using fillers are numbed with a local anaesthetic and the injection of the fillers only takes a few minutes. Fillers may also be suitable for lip enhancement too and this procedure is very similar in the way it is applied.

Depending on the area of skin treated, the type of skin and the injection technique, a dermal filler can last from 6-12 months on the skin and typically lasts 6 months on the lips.

Anti-wrinkle treatments

Wrinkles can occur at any age and can be worsened by dehydration, medication and other lifestyle choices.

However, as people age, their skin often loses its elasticity, wrinkles can occur and, based on their location, they can appear very deep set and unattractive.

As mentioned before, our dentists in West Byfleet have knowledge of the location and structure of facial muscles, they are adequately equipped to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles using botulinum toxin type A.

Once injected, this protein relaxes facial muscles and blocks nerve impulses, this can create an instant appearance of smoother skin. This method can be used all over the face and can even reverse the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines.

The injections are quick, painless and usually take on average 15 minutes to complete. It is not a permanent solution for wrinkles or lines on the face and may need repeating every 3 months.

Would you like to know more about facial aesthetics?

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Whether you are new to the area of Byfleet or are just looking for a new dentist, there are multiple reasons why you should consider joining the Byfleet Dental Boutique.

We are fully aware that there are many dental surgeries out there, but at our dentists in West Byfleet can offer you and your family so much more than just routine check-ups and fillings!

What makes us different from other dentists?

At Byfleet Dental Boutique, we are at the forefront of providing exceptional patient care and quality dental work to all our patients.

We offer a complete range of treatments for the whole family, everything from biannual check-ups to dental implants. We have everything you will ever need to keep your teeth healthy and your smile looking great.

When you register with us, if you have children, we will provide them with free check-ups, making sure they get the best experience with our dental team from an early age to avoid future issues.

Services we offer

Our dentists in West Byfleet are experienced and can offer you the highest quality dental care in whichever area of dentistry you need our services.

Along with this, our team will ensure you feel comfortable and welcome, so even if you are a bit nervous when attending the dentist, we will relax you, calm your worries and provide you with a professional, non-judgemental environment.

General dentistry

The cornerstone of oral health is general dentistry and our team at Byfleet Dental are experienced at providing all the procedures that fall into this category of dental care.

These include dental check-ups, root canal treatments, fillings, emergency dental care and composite or white fillings.

We recommend visiting a dentist every 6 months for a dental check up to prevent further issues.

Cosmetic dentistry/ missing teeth

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved far beyond simple tooth whitening and today there are more options than ever to improve the appearance of your smile.

At Byfleet Dental, we are proud to be able to offer our patients a range of cosmetic procedures to boost their confidence, including: adult braces, veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign crowns and dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Preventative dentistry

Preventative dentistry is much more than a dental check-up.

We can offer our patients every kind of preventative treatment from dental hygiene appointments with our hygienist, to mouth cancer screening with referral to a specialist consultant if needed.

Facial aesthetics

Once associated with specialist spas, facial treatments are becoming a more common practice in dental surgeries and our dentists at Byfleet Dental are extremely proud to be able to offer this service to our patients.

We offer both dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatment, to leave your skin with a more plump and youthful appearance.

We also offer a dental plan to our patients, offering substantially reduced rates across a range of treatments that we offer.

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Prevention is better than cure; there is nowhere this statement applies more than in dentistry.

With people eating foods with higher levels of sugar, drinking alcohol and indulging in other lifestyle choices like smoking, it is more important than ever that people regularly visit their dentists for preventative dental treatments.

Preventative dentistry is not just about attending biannual check-ups, although that is one important aspect of it. There are many different preventative treatments that our dentists in West Byfleet can provide to our patients, that prevent far more than cavities and extractions.

What is preventative dentistry?

The meaning is in the title. Preventive dentistry is used to prevent further problems occurring with your teeth, gums and overall oral health.

When you brush, floss and rinse your mouth, you are performing preventative treatment against cavities and gum disease. In a dental surgery, there are more options for preventative care, using different techniques, specialists and equipment to keep your mouth in tip top shape.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene treatments are performed by our specially trained hygienist dentists in West Byfleet, who will be able to remove any hard plaque or tartar that may have accumulated on your teeth.

At your appointment with our hygienists, they will assess your gums and teeth and professionally clean them with specialist pastes, gels and equipment. This is known as a scale and polish and is performed to reduce the risk of gingivitis and other forms of gum disease.

They will also advise you on ways to reduce plaque build-up and will be able to assist you with any specific hygiene needs you may have, like keeping dentures clean or maintaining dental implants.

Oral Cancer Screening

An overlooked area of dental screening is that of oral cancer detection.

In recent years, the number of reported cases of oral cancer has risen and, like all cancers, early detection is the best way to boost the chances of making a full recovery.

This screening typically involves a thorough examination of your mouth, throat, the inside of your cheeks and underneath your tongue.

Regardless of your smoking status, it is important that you are screened for oral cancer at least once a year. If you notice any unusual sores, lumps or ulcers, please book an appointment with us to see our hygienist.

Children’s Teeth

Bringing your children to see the dentists in West Byfleet from an early age can make trips easier for them in the future, so we are always happy to see children coming to our surgery for their regular check-ups.

When we meet with young children, it gives us the chance to identify potential future issues, like over or underbites or even crowding and act on them immediately.

We will be able to apply fluoride solutions to the surface of the teeth, mineralising them and preventing future decay, in addition to tooth colour matched fissure sealants if necessary.

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