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A range of treatments from your dentist in West Byfleet

We would like to discuss with you the different kinds of treatments that your dentist in West Byfleet is able to offer you. Some of you do experience a varying level of dental fear, we know, and research has shown that by discussing the treatment and facing the facts, some individuals can begin to move past their fears and realise that they are unfounded.

Modern day dental practices are aware of the emotions of their patients and work hard to ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed during a procedure. It is beneficial for both patients and the dentist in West Byfleet that the procedure goes smoothly. This is why conscious sedation is available, enabling our dentist in West Byfleet to work quickly and effectively as you are relaxed, comfortable and mentally, somewhere else.

If you would like to know more about conscious sedation, either speak with one of our friendly staff members over the phone or come in and discuss your options during a consultation. We will get everything in place so that your treatment is smooth and seamless. Ultimately, we want you to be able to enjoy a healthier smile.

There are different fields of dentistry

That’s right. Generally speaking, a procedure is known as either a preventive, restorative or cosmetic treatment, although many fall into both or all of the categories as well. For insurance purposes, cosmetic solutions are generally not covered and we are working hard on improving this in regards to some treatments like teeth straightening and dental implants which have massive health benefits as well.

A continual work in progress, we aim to provide you with affordable care of the highest quality. Trust that the technology and equipment and materials that we use is only the best. Should you need to undergo a minor surgical procedure, as is necessary for dental implants for example, the absolute strictest of hygiene practices is adopted.

We use all of our equipment as often as we can, so you can benefit from the advantages that this can offer during a routine examination. Our preventive care is so advanced that we are able to identify even the slightest signs of decay and accurately diagnose any concerns that may be present on your teeth, gum and jaw.

This means that we can act quickly, reducing the need for expensive restorative procedures and allowing you to enjoy your natural, healthy smile for as long as possible.

Only by developing a positive working relationship with us are we able to accurately meet your needs as a patient. We put aside time during every consultation to talk with you about any growing concerns that you may have regarding your smile and your goals when it comes to your appearance and your health.

By even discussing aspects of your health such as any habits, your diet or any other lifestyle choices that can impact your health, we can provide you with holistic care that keeps you looking and feeling your best, both inside and out.

Your mouth is a window to your overall health and wellbeing, so it is important to get the overall picture of your health. Through this, we can properly treat any conditions regarding your teeth and gums.