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An overview of dental implants: benefits, costs and surgical procedures at dentist in West Byfleet

Dental implants are an investment that could change your life for the better, but you should find a dentist equipped to perform the procedure. A substandard, ill-fitting device could make your life inconvenient and painful.

Learn more about the implications and how to find a suitable dentist in your area to perform the procedure.

Conduct an online search

If our practice, Byfleet Dental Boutique, is located too far away to be considered as a prospective dentist, we suggest you perform due diligence on local dental practitioners.

Factors to look out for online include relevant qualifications, training, and experience.


Search for a dentist in West Byfleet who is specialised in restorative dentistry over a general dentist practitioner who administers implant procedures only occasionally.


Despite the many years spent at dental school, followed by postgraduate studies, a dentist in West Byfleet never stops learning and should never be opposed to the notion. Keeping up-to-date with modern dentistry should include incorporating new techniques learnt on short courses.


Someone newly qualified might be talented, but you should not be their guinea pig, especially with signature treatments, such as dental implants, even if the price fits your budget.

Reading unbiased online testimonials will give you a general idea about other people’s experiences with a dentist in West Byfleet that you may be considering.

Visit a few clinics.

The best way of knowing whether a dentist in West Byfleet is suitable for you or not is to visit their place of work. That way, you can meet your prospective dentist, ask them questions, and get an overall feel for the practice.

What makes a dental implant a popular choice of prosthesis?

You may have found a doctor who matches your specific requirements, but do you know what an implant is and why a highly skilled dentist is needed to perform it?

You can replace a row of adjacent teeth using a single implant, which is a small titanium screw that fits into your jaw. Over time, this seemingly insignificant piece of metal will fuse with the connective tissue surrounding it, until it eventually becomes firmly lodged into your bone.

After the above occurs, the titanium acts as the artificial root to your new crown, helping you eat and talk without restriction, tasks that can be challenging using dentures and similar devices.

What are the benefits of an implant

We have mentioned that the implant forms part of your mouth, which is significant because it is a permanent fixture in your mouth that can never dislodge while chewing food or during a conversation.

Not only that, but the metal helps to regenerate jawbone lost to resorption, which occurs when the bone becomes brittle from lack of use. Having an implant embedded ensures that the bone is once again stimulated.

Another highlight of having implants is that they will only possibly need replacing after a very long period if looked after correctly, because the device is made from durable material that lasts.

On top of being highly functional, the crowns we use look natural, so you can put to bed any fears about people knowing that your tooth is artificial.