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Ask a dentist in West Byfleet: why is my oral hygiene so important?

Our well-experienced dental professionals at Byfleet Dental Boutique advocate that the key to great oral health lies in the oral hygiene routine of the patient. Keeping up with one’s oral hygiene is vital if patients are to be free of gum disease and tooth decay. Good oral hygiene is important not only for one’s dental health but also for overall physical and mental health.

Dentists have found that optimal overall health is closely tied to oral health for there are many chronic medical conditions whose roots are found in poor oral health conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Maintaining good dental hygiene is fairly simple but does require consistent efforts on the part of patients. Key principles of good oral hygiene include effective brushing twice a day, implementing best-practice methods and flossing at least once. Best-practice methods encompass using an appropriate soft-bristled toothbrush, using fluoride-enriched toothpaste to protect enamel health, brushing for a minimum of two minutes and using gentle circular motions to ensure as much of the tooth’s surface is covered.

Other best-practice methods include regular dental examinations and professional in-chair cleanings with our dentist in West Byfleet to keep dental disease at bay.

Why is our dentist in West Byfleet so concerned about oral hygiene? In this post, our dentist in West Byfleet explains the role played by a recommended oral hygiene routine in keeping teeth and gums strong and healthy.

Important goals of maintaining oral hygiene

Good dental hygiene is the first line of defence against tooth loss and other dental problems. It is surprising how common tooth loss is experienced amongst children and adults – a sad state of affairs considering that dental decay is entirely preventable as long as patients remain diligent about their dental hygiene.

Another easily avoidable dental problem is gum disease, which can also lead to patients losing their teeth. The frightening health concern of gum disease is the increased risk of medical complications. The harmful pathogens that are responsible for gum disease have also been linked to other dreaded diseases, including cardiovascular disease, inflammatory conditions and lung infections.

A meticulous dental hygiene routine keeps one’s smile looking happy, healthy and bright. Next to the importance of having all one’s teeth for a winning smile is the vital necessity of teeth and gums to be in optimal condition and disease-free.

Keeping the smile happy and healthy offers rewards to dental health and mental wellbeing. When a smile is ruined due to missing teeth, discolouration issues or unhealthy gums, one can easily lose the confidence to smile, adversely affecting their self-confidence. Losing the ability to smile results in avoiding social and professional engagements, which can impact mental health.

As important as daily brushing and flossing are, so too is a dental-friendly diet, which means eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding the frequent consumption of sugar-heavy foods and beverages.

Patients who aren’t sure their dental hygiene routine follows recommended guidelines are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with our friendly and experienced dentist at Byfleet Dental Boutique. Our front desk will gladly assist in finding a date and time suitable for you.