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Ask our dentist – why is dental health so important?

What does good overall health rely on? Most people would state that to achieve good physical health, one needs to eat right, exercise and sleep well. They would be correct because all of these things lay a good foundation for optimal health and a strong physical body to ward off disease. But there is one more factor that bears equal weight in contributing to overall health we believe – the state of one’s oral health.

It is a fact, supported by medical studies, that poor oral health raises the risk of unwanted medical conditions and health complications. Excellent dental health is not only required for proper mouth function and to keep a lively-looking smile bright, but also to reduce the likelihood of a whole host of undesirable medical complaints, from inflammation in the body to strokes and lung infections.

It must be remembered that good dental health cannot be achieved without the support of a professional dentist in West Byfleet. It is the work of a dentist in West Byfleet to support a patient’s goal to achieve optimal dental health through the offer of preventive treatments, routine examinations and patient education on how to maintain strong healthy teeth and gums.

At Byfleet Dental Boutique, we have a competent and caring dentist in West Byfleet firmly committed to dental care excellence that incorporates a patient-first philosophy. We outline, in this post, some of the ways good dental health supports general health.

Top reasons why it is important to protect dental health

Good dental health can lower the risk of other undesirable medical issues like cardiovascular disease and lung infections. It has been found that oral pathogens that are responsible for causing severe gum disease also clog up the blood vessels of the heart triggering strokes and heart attacks. These harmful pathogens also lead to inflammation in the mouth and elsewhere in the body, giving rise to illness and disease.

Good dental health supports a healthy pregnancy. Pregnant women suffering from gum disease run the risk of two undesirable consequences: premature delivery and low birth weight.

Good dental health is important for comfortable and efficient digestion. How well the body is able to absorb the nutrients it needs starts in the mouth, with the efficacious grinding down of food into easily digestible proportions. Food ground down into minute pieces requires less work from the digestive system which means faster delivery and better absorption.

Good dental health means healthy teeth which promote a happy smile. A happy smile, in turn, gives confidence levels a boost. Without a healthy dose of confidence, a patient may suffer in other areas of their lives such as in personal relationships and professional opportunities.

So it seems there are many ways good dental health contributes to a healthier and happier life.

There is one sure-fire way to ensure your teeth remain healthy for a long life of service – regular check-ups at the dentist. Our dental boutique is an ideal choice for a positive patient experience and outstanding dental care. Get in touch with our reception team to schedule an appointment time and date that suits you.