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Ask the dentist – why do I need to have my teeth professionally cleaned?

However scrupulous patients may be in their oral hygiene obligations at home, these cannot replace the benefits of thorough dental cleanings at the hands of a dentist in West Byfleet. Professional dental cleanings constitute an important part of maintaining optimal oral hygiene, keeping teeth and gums healthy and ensuring better overall health.

At Byfleet Dental Boutique, our diverse service menu extends to include quality professional dental cleaning procedures performed by our capable and friendly dentist in West Byfleet. We acknowledge that patients lead very busy lifestyles and may not immediately recognise the importance of visiting our dentist to have their teeth cleaned. After all, they do so at home twice a day.

But what is important for patients to remember about at-home brushing is that it is outside the scope of an ordinary toothbrush (even of the electric variety) to reach every nook and cranny of the mouth. There are some awkward corners behind teeth that remain out of the reach of toothbrush bristles; these are places where food can get trapped and breed bacteria.

Professional dental cleaning procedures target the build-up of enamel-destroying plaque and tartar that are notorious for being incredibly difficult to remove with just a toothbrush. We take a look at some of the sought-after benefits of having our dentist in West Byfleet carry out a deep clean procedure.

Rewards of professional dental cleanings

One of the primary aims of professional dental cleanings is to save teeth from disease and loss and protect smiles. When not removed effectively from the enamel, plaque and tartar deposits eventually lead to the formation of cavities. Cavities are the most common threat to the longevity of teeth health. Only specialised dental tools and the adept skills of an experienced dentist can remove these stubborn deposits and the threats they pose.

Promotion of healthier gums

Another serious threat to dental health caused by plaque and tartar deposits is gum disease. Professional dental cleanings are a pro-gum health preventive measure. The danger to gums is that plaque deposits in the presence of bacteria can increase the likelihood of infections developing around and below the gum line.

Professional dental cleanings work to keep bad breath at bay

Bad bacteria present in plaque and tartar are also responsible for the unpleasant odours regarded as bad breath.

Bad bacteria that remain in the mouth carry a great risk of damaging life-giving organs. These bacteria can enter the bloodstream, through which they can reach vulnerable parts of the body and trigger certain medical conditions such as strokes, lung infections and cardiovascular complications.

How often are professional dental cleanings required? There is no single answer since much depends on each patient’s oral situation and dental hygiene needs. Patients with no existing dental issues are more likely to require less frequent dental cleaning procedures compared to a patient needing to treat periodontal disease.

Patients due for a dental cleaning can contact our reception desk at Byfleet Dental Boutique to schedule an appointment. We offer all-inclusive dental care with a patient-centric philosophy.