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Ask the dentist – why does oral health matter?

What most patients don’t know is that poor oral health problems rarely impact just dental health. What happens in the mouth has far-reaching repercussions that influence the health of the body as well as mental and emotional health.

It is for this reason that healthcare professionals ask patients to include oral health needs as part of their wider health concerns. There is much we tend to rely on the mouth for; it gives us the ability to feed our bodies, the ability to speak, the ability to smile sunny smiles and all the rewards to be gained therefrom (acceptance, joy, happiness, confidence, friendship and love). Good oral health shapes our wellbeing, which is why we must protect it with professional dental care at the hands of a qualified dentist in West Byfleet.

Professional dental care encompasses treatments and procedures to treat dental emergencies, preventive measures to thwart the progression of dental disease and routine checkups to identify worrying symptoms.

At Byfleet Dental Boutique, our service menu extends to include all the mainstays of dental care. Our friendly and capable dentist in West Byfleet is well-experienced in conducting thorough oral examinations and formulating efficacious treatment plans. In this article, we take a look at some of the great benefits of looking after one’s oral health.

Health benefits of good dental health

The care from our dentist in West Byfleet can help prevent many of the dental conditions that cause pain and discomfort. Good oral health offers some obvious and a few surprising benefits for general wellbeing.

Good oral health protects heart health

The bacteria found in plaques and tartar – those nasty deposits that erode enamel and lead to cavities and gum disease – have been linked to inflammation levels elsewhere in the body.

One of the main concerns for patients with gum disease is complications arising from cardiovascular health. Preserving gum health thus becomes an important goal to keep on top of heart health.

Other medical conditions can also be exacerbated by gum problems

The management of conditions including diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is made more complicated if the patients also happen to suffer from periodontitis.

Healthy pregnancy

Pregnant women are more likely to have a healthier pregnancy when all is well with their oral health. It has been found that pregnant patients with gum disease (severe or mild) are at risk of going into premature labour or giving birth to babies with low birth weight.

The link between dental and mental health is bridged with the smile

As long as a smile remains healthy, the patient can smile with confidence. If one loses the inclination to smile, then there is an increased risk that their mental and psychosocial health suffers.

From keeping one’s smile bright and healthy to preventing undesirable complications with certain medical conditions, there are many rewards to looking after one’s oral health. Tooth loss as a result of dental neglect can also create numerous untoward consequences for physical health and nutrition.

One of the best things patients can do for themselves is to maintain good dental health. A routine appointment with our team at Byfleet Dental Boutique can secure a healthy dental future. Contact our reception desk to arrange a dental appointment with our caring and competent dentist.