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Dentist in West Byfleet stresses the importance of teeth and gums

Simple regular daily maintenance with a six monthly checkup is all it takes to maintain a healthy oral cavity. The importance of our teeth and gums cannot be emphasised enough, without our teeth our health will suffer. It still surprises this dentist in West Byfleet how lackadaisical some people are about their teeth. Tooth loss affects our health because without the ability to chew properly a healthy diet cannot be maintained. Unfortunately, there are still those who don’t practice this simple routine. The UK figures are quite staggering for a first world country in the twenty-first century. Almost seventy-five per cent of UK adults do not have a full set of their own teeth, with six per cent having lost all their natural teeth.

Preventive dentistry

Being a community dentist in West Byfleet we strive to educate our patients on the correct method of brushing and flossing their teeth. We encourage our adult patients with children to bring them in when they come to their appointment. Our friendly and helpful staff, many of whom have children, will take care of them while you attend your appointment with the dentist. We even offer our existing patients' children free checkups to encourage their attendance at the dental surgery. We want the next generation to understand and respect their teeth so that they endure for their lifetime with minimal need for dentist intervention. Early introduction to our dental environment allows them to become comfortable and relaxed. This means that when they have to have a dental examination they will take it in their stride. One of the best gifts that a parent can give to their child is a lack of anxiety when visiting the dentist.

There is no need to suffer

The responsibility of this dentist in West Byfleet is to educate patients about the treatments that are available. Our amazing team can correct misaligned teeth and give you a smile that you can be proud of when you take that selfie. Missing teeth need not be a problem that you have to live with because we have the solutions. Either bridges, dentures or dental implants will solve your tooth loss problem. If your teeth are stained make an appointment with our dentist or hygienist and you will quickly enjoy the benefits of our teeth whitening treatment. Sudden onset of pain is also easily corrected by taking advantage of our emergency service. We make every effort to provide our patients with easy access to the dental services that we offer because maintaining your teeth is as important to us as it is to you.

All the dental services and a bit extra

Looking good has always been a necessity and in the twenty-first century, it is no different. When British ladies have introduced to rouge and lipstick centuries ago they quickly became obsessed and realised that they could enhance their looks quickly and easily. As dentists, we have a thorough knowledge of human bone, muscle and skin, especially of the head. It, therefore, makes sense for us to offer some aesthetically enhanced procedures. Our trained clinicians offer anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers in our safe and sterile treatment rooms to help our patients defer the signs of ageing.