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Do you offer general dentistry at your dental clinic?

Yes! Despite offering more complex procedures such as cosmetic treatments, restorative dentistry, and facial aesthetics, our dentist in West Byfleet also embraces core general dentistry, ensuring all of our patients’ dental health is a top priority. General dentistry is undeniably vital in maintaining a patient's healthy teeth and gums for both children and adults, a dental check-up is recommended every six months by our dentists, and entails some straightforward procedures.

What to expect from a dental check-up at your dentist in West Byfleet

Many individuals may be reluctant to attend their dental check-up, this may be due to a variety of factors, one of which may be due to dental anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Dental phobias are relatively common, we believe that familiarising themselves with a dental environment can help to relieve some of our patients’ nerves, ensuring they can stay on top of their oral health without dental anxiety.

The treatment process

At our dentist in West Byfleet we offer a wide range of standard general treatments during a dental check-up. Despite our dental boutique offering only private dental treatments, we ensure that children of our patients always receive free general dentistry. Patients may be aware of the standard general dental treatments we provide, such as oral assessments, X-rays, and the treatment of cavities within the mouth, however we also offer our patients more extensive general dentistry. Our dentists will enquire about a patient’s general health and lifestyle factors (such as medication, alcohol consumption, and smoking), in addition to educating all of our patients about dental hygiene, ensuring they can keep on top of their oral hygiene.

Why are dental check-ups important?

Attending a regular dental examination can have many positive benefits, one of which being the prevention of the development of further oral diseases and infections. Early symptoms such as bleeding gums, and missing teeth can be signs of more serious problems such as gum disease. During a check-up we may also suggest our patients receive an oral cancer screening, this can be vital in determining mouth cancer at an early stage. Aside from the prevention of oral problems, general dentistry can maintain the health of the teeth, and gums.

How to start your treatment with us

If you are considering dental treatment with us then you may be unaware of how to start your chosen treatment, this is where we can help. Located on our Byfleet Dental Boutique website, we always ensure we display our key contact details for all of our patients to access. Patients who are travelling to see us can view our exact location on our map, as well as our social media links, to receive further information.

Give us a call

Our telephone number is located at the bottom of our website, as we understand that some patients may feel more comfortable giving us a ring to enquire about dental treatments. If you prefer direct contact, we always welcome our patients to come and give our clinic a visit before commencing treatment.

Running out of time?

Patients with hectic lives, with many work and social commitments may prefer to drop us an email, rather than visiting our clinic, which is why we aim to answer all of the queries and concerns we receive.