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FAQs about check-ups explored by our dentist

Do you ponder why a dental professional prods your gums during a check-up?

At our surgery, our dentist in West Byfleet is a strong advocate of regular maintenance of teeth and gums, so we are avid supporters of the notion that all of our patients attend biannual check-ups. Prevention is better than cure after all!

In this article, our dentist in West Byfleet answers queries that we receive about general check-ups.

Should I state if I’m nervous before a check-up?

Yes, you should always state when you are booking your assessment with our dentist in West Byfleet if you have a dental phobia.

This will allow our team to make suitable accommodation for you, such as offering early morning appointments and, if necessary, having a non-clinical meeting where you and our team can talk about dental phobias and any concerns that you may have.

Why do dental professionals prod my gums during check-ups?

Ah yes, the hook in the gum routine that is part of a dental assessment!

In short, poking areas of your gums with a sickle probe allows us to assess the texture of your gums. This is important for determining if you are developing gum disease, as gums that are becoming inflamed are often more sponge-like in texture than healthy gums.

So, while it can be annoying, it does serve a clinical purpose. We may also examine your teeth with it to assess the strength of the enamel.

Can you tell if I’ve been smoking?

Ye, we can!

Many patients believe that if they use whitening toothpaste and are diligent brushers, that our team will not be able to detect that they have been smoking. But this is not true.

Smoking does more to your teeth than simply discolour them; it can lead to an accumulation of plaque building up, as it prevents your salivary glands from working properly, which removes harmful bacteria from your teeth.

It also exposes your gums to many toxic chemicals, which can cause them to swell, bleed and discolour.

Will you be able to clean my white fillings at a check-up?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients have missed a couple of dental check-ups, due to the policy of dental teams only seeing emergency patients.

If you have white fillings or crowns, this may have led to some staining on or around the filling, making it more visible as tannins and bacteria settle into the cracks.

At your check-up, provided that there is no decay, we can happily remove stains from around your fillings with our polishing drill, making your teeth appear smoother and cleaner. Great!

Can I ask you about cosmetic work at a check-up?

Of course, you can!

It is the perfect time to ask our team about cosmetic work. Once we have looked at your teeth and gums and determined that your general dental health is in good condition, you can begin to discuss aesthetic procedures with us.

At Byfleet Dental Boutique, we can offer you anything from dental whitening to dental implants so, if you have any issues with how your smile looks or makes you feel, talk to our team about cosmetic options.