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General care from your dentist

It is important to see your dentist in West Byfleet every 6 months or so to make sure that your teeth and gums are in the best possible health that they can be. Even if you think that your smile is cavity free, telltale signs of pain do not present until quite late when emergency restorative work may need to be done.

This can be expensive and we would like you never to experience any kind of pain in your teeth. By taking advantage of the latest equipment that we have available, we can detect any early signs of decay and make sure that your teeth are as strong and healthy as they can be.

With high magnification and intense lighting, coupled with high resolution digital scans, we are able to gain detailed images of your teeth like never before. Dentistry is changing and it is not like it was some decades ago where we were renowned for ‘drilling and filling’. High quality preventive care allows us to work with our patients to create a system that prevents us from needing to get that far.

Drilling and filling! I’m afraid of the dentist

Unfortunately, through horror stories that we have heard from our parents as a child, or even horror stories of our own, a lot of us harbour some degree of fear of the dentist. This can result in patients putting off that all important biannual visit, which can lead to restorative work needing to be done, perpetuating that anxiety and fear.

Your dentist in West Byfleet is working hard to combat this vicious cycle by educating where possible and creating a warm, inviting and professional atmosphere for you here at our practice. Should you need to have some kind of restorative work done here with us, rest assured that we have sedation options available to help ease you through the journey.

Advances in technology and constant research into practice methods means that the length of many procedures have drastically reduced, as have the healing times. We use only the best materials which last longer, are less likely to result in complications and means that you are more comfortable during and after the treatment procedure.

Who should come and visit us?

We welcome every patient, whether they have just got their first milk tooth, have lost their two front teeth or have not had their natural teeth for several years. There is something that we can do to ensure that your smile is the healthiest it can be.

Parents should bring along their babies at their earliest possible convenience to ensure that children are relaxed and comfortable with a familiar face at the practice. Research has shown that fear of the dentist is much lower in children who frequently visit one.

Education is important for both children and adults and we make sure that we keep our discussions entertaining and insightful so that everyone can get excited about keeping their teeth clean.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and helping you to gain the healthy smile that you deserve.