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Preventive care from your dentist in West Byfleet

A modern day dentist in West Byfleet focuses heavily on preventive care, so that their patients are able to enjoy more time with their original teeth. Having your own teeth is by far the best option, especially when they are free from cavities and strong.

By coming in to visit your dentist in West Byfleet twice yearly and at the same time booking a cleaning with a hygienist, you are taking great steps towards ensuring your smile is fully functional for life. We want to provide you with every opportunity to enjoy your smile, so by offering treatments designed to support your oral health, we make sure both you and your family can enjoy excellent dental health for as much of the time as possible.

What are some preventive measures?

Preventive treatments are designed for both adults and children and a lot of it comes down to education. The best preventive step that you can take to keep your smile bright and healthy is to know how to brush and floss your teeth properly. You also need to do this twice daily.

By knowing what foods and drinks are harmful to your teeth and gums and why, you can also take significant preventive measures to protect your teeth. Understanding that every single tooth is armoured with enamel and they work together as an army against constant attack from sugars and bacteria, you can start to understand the constant battle that goes on inside your mouth.

By keeping that enamel armour strong and ensuring that every soldier is correctly in line with the others, you are helping your army of teeth to win the fight.

When your teeth are not correctly aligned, bad bacteria can build up in hard to reach places, causing enamel erosion and bad breath. When, unfortunately, you lose a tooth due to an accident or poor oral health, other teeth are compromised so it is important to replace them quickly.

What are some preventive treatments available?

A dentist in West Byfleet can add fluoride directly to your or your child’s teeth, so that they remain mineralised and strong. Fluoride is important to keep your enamel strong, so that it can continue to prevent cavities from damaging your teeth.

Fissure sealants are a way of ensuring that hard to reach places on your teeth are covered and protected from common cavities. This is especially important in young children where their new adult teeth are so vulnerable, and it will last them their lifetime.

We understand it can be difficult for little ones to brush in the deep grooves of their molar teeth and this is a common place where cavities form. By adding a fissure sealant over these grooves, they are filled in and protected from harm.

This is an easy and effective preventive measure that we can take to make sure that your children’s teeth can remain healthy for life. It is so disheartening to see young teeth full of cavities, as this is a bad indicator for oral health in the future.

Let us do what we can together to improve your oral health now and in the future.