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Signs you need to see our emergency dentist

Have you had a toothache for the last few days that is getting worse? Or have you noticed that one side of your face feels heavy and is swollen?

When you have a dental emergency, our emergency dentist in West Byfleet will be on hand to help you. We can offer same-day appointments for dental emergencies and will aim to get you out of discomfort and back on track as soon as possible. Brilliant!

Here, our dentist in West Byfleet explores 5 of the most common causes of needing to see our emergency dental team.


It's a universal symptom of a dental issue; toothache or general discomfort in the mouth.

And irrespective of whether this dental pain has crept on slowly or has been rather sudden in its appearance, you need to see our dentist in West Byfleet.

Usually, sudden discomfort is a symptom of a serious issue such as either a dental abscess or an impacted tooth. But if it creeps on more gradually, this can be a sign of a lost restorative like a filling or crown, which also needs to be seen urgently by a member of our emergency dental team.

Lost filling or crown

As we mentioned before, a lost filling, crown or other restorative needs to be seen quickly to prevent secondary complications.

And while you may think that losing a restorative will be uncomfortable, if you notice that a filling or crown has come loose during your daily life without discomfort, you should still book yourself in for an emergency appointment. This will prevent the affected tooth from becoming infected or succumbing to decay. And of course, the sooner you have the restorative repaired, the less invasive the entire procedure will be.


This is a common occurrence amongst children and those who play contact sports.

But when you have a bleed in your mouth that isn’t stemming after about 20 minutes of applied pressure with clean gauze, you should contact our emergency dental team.

This will help us to diagnose the cause of the bleed and will enable us to stop it before you succumb to blood loss.


Swellings to the face, neck, jaw or anywhere in the mouth are an emergency. Once again, they don’t have to hurt to be problematic!

This is because they can signify anything from an abscess or an impacted tooth to an allergic reaction, all of which require urgent treatment.


OK, so let's be honest, most people will suffer from ulcers from time to time and in most cases, they resolve on their own without the need for medical intervention.

However, if you have recurring ulcers in the same part of your mouth, or you have an ulcer that is larger than a 5 pence piece, you will need to book an appointment to see our team.

While unlikely, ulcers that are recurring or are the size of a 5 pence piece can be a symptom of oral cancer. If you have ulcers that bleed when touched, have unusual textures or are exceedingly uncomfortable, then you should also contact our team for an emergency appointment.