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Staying on top of your oral health at our dentist in West Byfleet

Many patients may be unaware of the importance of a bi-annual check-up at their local clinic, it can however be vital in maintaining a high standard of oral health! If you are suffering from orthodontic, cosmetic, or general dental concerns then you may benefit from a visit to our modern and professional dentist in West Byfleet. Despite general dentistry being one of the most popular treatments within the field, many of our patients may not know what to expect from a dental hygiene appointment at our dentist in West Byfleet.

What to expect from a dental check-up at our surgery

Many of our patients may be familiar with the standardised procedures that often take place within a dental appointment (such as oral assessments which check for any signs of decay, oral diseases and infections, or cavities) however they may be unsure of what else to expect during their check-up. Located on our website we display a step by step guide on our bi-annual dental appointments. This can be a great help to our more nervous patients who would benefit massively from a clear picture of their scheduled appointment.

At our dental surgery in West Byfleet. You’re in safe hands

Our experienced team of dental healthcare professionals not only offer a wealth of experience to every patient they work with, but they also boast a warm, welcoming, and therefore friendly approach to every individual they treat. In addition to the general oral assessments that could be argued as ‘standard’, our patients can also expect to receive questions regarding their diet and medication, in addition to receiving oral x-rays and oral cancer screenings.

Staying on top of your dental hygiene in the comfort of your own home

Many of our patients may believe that they are partaking in an adequate brushing and cleaning regime, however they may be surprised to know of the tips and tricks our professionals can offer to ensure they achieve the best possible results! Our dental experts not only answer any questions our patients may have regarding future treatments and procedures, but they also offer our patients sound dental advice regarding the correct way to take care of their particular dental case.

What are the life benefits of keeping your mouth healthy?

Many of our patients may unfortunately overlook their scheduled bi-annual check-up, this may be due to a fear of a dental environment (which can unfortunately be triggered by negative childhood experiences) or a belief that they possess a healthy smile. Whatever the cause however, missing a dental check-up can unfortunately have a drastic effect on the health of your mouth! In regards to the benefits of attending regular dental hygiene appointments at our clinic, our dental team can decipher any dental problems early to prevent them from developing into something more severe (which can prevent much more hassle in the future, in addition to preventing large dental bills). Aside from spotting early symptoms of a multitude of oral diseases and infections, our team of dental healthcare professionals can also help to keep our patients’ mouth looking clean and healthy!