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Thinking about adult braces? All you need to know from the dentist in West Byfleet

More adults in England are looking at getting their teeth straightened as braces are no longer regarded as child-only devices. Whether you are seventeen or thirty-seven, you are never too old for a straightening aid at the dentist in West Byfleet.

One of the key criteria for most adults is a device that is not only highly functional, but also discreet. There may be less of a stigma about wearing braces than there was before, but many people are not so eager at the thought of having metal affixed to their teeth.

Invisalign ticks all of the boxes for the perfect orthodontic device. It is highly effective in straightening out teeth, and the design of its clear plastic trays makes it subtle to wear.

Our clinic, Byfleet Dental Boutique, are providers of Invisalign and possess in-depth knowledge about the product. Make an appointment with us if you would like to learn more at the dentist in West Byfleet.

What is Invisalign?

You might not think it by the appearance of Invisalign’s aligner trays, but they are braces in a different form.

Over eighteen months to two years, the plates gradually move your teeth into place by placing pressure on a couple of pearly whites at a time.

Every two weeks, we will supply you with a new set of trays to replace your old ones that adjust your teeth to a new position. You might experience some discomfort during the adjustment period, but this is temporary and will wear off as your mouth becomes used to its sleek shape.

What are some of the benefits to have a metal-free straightening aid?

Modern metal braces are different from the original prototype, which did not always provide the best user experience. While they are more comfortable, smaller and low-key, they still have some drawbacks.

A common complaint to having metal affixed to teeth are the mouth sores which form when the alloy rubs against the inside of your cheek. Relief can be provided with a numbing solution, but you can avoid this discomfort altogether by opting for invisible braces instead.

You can say goodbye to cuts and ulcers by wearing Invisalign’s plastic retainers instead.

Wearing fixed metal on your teeth might mean you have to make adjustments in your teeth-cleaning regime, to remove plaque and leftover food stuck in your wires. You can keep your teeth clean if you are a disciplined person, but some brace wearers fail to keep their teeth clean and healthy, which increases their chances of contracting infections and developing cavities.

You can remove Invisalign braces when you brush your teeth, which means you clean your teeth normally and can easily reach those spaces between your teeth where germs hideout.

Is Invisalign at the dentist in West Byfleet for everyone?

The device can assist with mild to moderate malocclusions and misalignments, but if your dental issue is complicated, unique, or more severe, you might have to consider alternative devices.

Are you tired of living with crooked teeth? Straighten your teeth with Invisalign or a similar device and watch as your confidence in your appearance grows.