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Want a whiter and straighter smile?Ask our dentist about veneers at Byfleet Dental Boutique!

When most people are asked about how they would like to improve their smile, many state that they wish their smile was whiter and that their teeth were more aligned and symmetrical.

However, despite what the media portrays to people, few people are naturally blessed with a perfectly straight, white smile and so, this leads many everyday dental patients to wonder how many celebrities achieve their dazzling smiles without effort. Simply put, many celebrities and other media regulars undertake having dental veneers to keep their smiles looking straight, white and gap-free. And now, thanks to a surge in popularity, you can achieve that famous Hollywood-worthy smile too!

When you are looking for a suitable dentist to fit your dental veneers, our dentist in West Byfleet can help! Our team has a wealth of experience at helping our patients achieve their coveted smiles using veneers, and can answer any questions you may have about aftercare, fitting and things to avoid when your veneers are placed. Perfect!

But before you decide that veneers are the perfect option to revitalise your smile, our dentist in West Byfleet answers some of the most frequently asked questions about this cosmetic procedure.

What exactly are they?

So, let's start with the most basic question- what is a dental veneer?

Similar to a false nail, a veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that is placed over the front of your tooth and is held in place with dental cement. Our dentist in West Byfleet will be able to shape it to conceal gaps or cracks and to create a more symmetrical look when you smile. Perfect!

Are veneers painful to get fitted?

In a word, no.

While our team will need to sand down the front of your tooth to create a surface that will be easier to attach the veneer to, this will not be uncomfortable. And, as the fitting only involves sticking the veneer to the front of your tooth, there is normally no need for anaesthetic.

How long will the appointment take?

This depends on how many veneers you are having fitted.

Typically, the process from the initial appointment to the final fitting can take up to 3 weeks and may be broken down into multiple appointments; to place a certain number of veneers per session. It will all be worth it!

I’ve heard veneers can whiten teeth - is this true?

Yes, it is!

While our team is able to colour match your veneers to the surrounding teeth, if you want to whiten your smile, we can do that too! Indeed, veneers can whiten teeth up to 16 shades and, unlike traditional whitening bleaches, they can actually stop any dental sensitivity by covering the microscopic holes in the teeth. Brilliant!

How long will they last?

If you follow our aftercare advice and adhere to good levels of dental hygiene, then your dental veneers should last between 5 to 15 years on average. Be aware that lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking alcohol can drastically shorten this lifespan.