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Why choose our dentist in West Byfleet to whiten teeth

What is the only way to brighten teeth to get high-quality results within a quicker time frame? In-chair teeth-whitening treatments with our dentist in West Byfleet. It is not uncommon for teeth to become stained or discoloured over time due to what we eat and drink, lifestyle habits, such as smoking tobacco products, and even the ageing process itself. Being ashamed of the colour of one’s teeth can mean smiling less, and since studies have shown that smiling is good for physical and mental health, smiling less is not good news.

Fortunately, patients with stained or discoloured teeth can opt for cosmetic dental treatments to restore dull-looking teeth – teeth-whitening treatments. As is the case with aesthetically-focused treatments, everything depends on the quality of the results achieved. Our friendly and highly capable dentist in West Byfleet at Byfleet Dental Boutique is well-experienced in a diverse array of cosmetic dental treatments to have patients smiling happy and healthy smiles once again.

There are many reasons why high-quality results in brightening teeth can only come at the hands of our dentist in West Byfleet. Here, we take a look at what some of these reasons are.

Top reasons to choose professional in-chair teeth whitening

Unrivalled product quality

The success of in-chair teeth whitening can mainly be put down to the high level of active bleaching ingredients they contain. Not just any product can contain these teeth-whitening ingredients in such high quantities – only a dentist is legally allowed to do so. This is because the high levels of active teeth-bleaching ingredients can cause damage to teeth if used by inexperienced hands, which is also why off-the-shelf products contain only a limited amount of these ingredients. Patients with deeper levels of discolouration or staining will require a higher concentration of active ingredients, which is why in-chair treatments are their best bet.

In-chair whitening treatments can often prove to be more cost-effective

It makes more sense when you think about it like this: patients would spend more money buying more off-the-shelf products because they are not getting satisfactory results. Similarly, patients may have to pay additional costs in treating the damage caused by do-it-yourself whitening procedures. It only makes sense to choose a dentist for better results as well as safety.

Keep a check on oral health

Not all tooth discolouration and staining issues are caused by the usual culprits of dark-coloured foods and beverages; sometimes these problems are a result of underlying dental issues. If a patient chooses a dental practitioner to carry out teeth-whitening treatments, then the said professional can also determine the actual cause of the issue and implement suitable intervention measures. Patients should know that unless these underlying problems are resolved, teeth-whitening treatments may not offer desirable results or the results will only be short-lived.

A happy and healthy smile is hugely dependent on the care and attention provided by a qualified and experienced dentist. Make Byfleet Dental Boutique your first port of call for exceptional patient-centred dental care, and simply give us a call to set up a consultation.