• Byfleet Dental Boutique

Why choose our dentist to receive your dental treatment?

Our dentist in West Byfleet offers patients a unique dental approach, we are an independent and family run clinic which offers the highest standard of private dental care to our new, and existing patients. In addition to offering all of our patients general routine dentistry such as a scale and polish, dental hygiene, and oral examinations, we also provide cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dentistry.

Our ethos

Our dentist in West Byfleet aims to promote inclusivity at our clinic, we welcome patients of all ages, we even offer children of our registered patients free dental check-ups, to ensure their dental health is maintained. We provide dentistry to patients with the most severe dental cases, as well as cosmetic dental treatments that improve patients’ aesthetic appearance, such as tooth whitening. We offer a clean and modern dental clinic, whilst always ensuring our patients trust us to deliver their dental treatment. Our skilled team of dental health care professionals constantly aim to strengthen their dental knowledge, and improve their skills. Our reception team welcomes new and existing patients with open arms, and they are always ready to tend to any queries, issues, and concerns.

Meet the team

All of our skilled dentists adhere to the strict guidelines from the GDC (the General Dental Council), our team consists of a variety of qualified dentists, and dental nurses, one example of our dentists is Dr.Sundeep Dhanoa. Dr.Sundeep Dhanoa is our principal dentist and works with children, and the older generation, whilst specialising in certain orthodontic treatments (such as Invisalign) as well as working excellently with nervous individuals. Another example of our excellent team is our dental nurse Julie Salem, Julie is a key member of our Byfleet Dental team, and has a huge amount of experience within the dentistry field, many of our patients recognise her friendly and caring professional nature.

How to start your dental journey

Patients may be looking at our clinic to receive their chosen dental treatment, however they may not be aware of exactly how to start their treatment process. Our clinic understands that many of our patients may prefer to visit us directly, which is why we place our exact location on our website. Visiting our clinic may be especially beneficial for patients who suffer from dental nerves (or even a dental phobia) and feel more comfortable knowing where they will be receiving their dental treatment. Patients who have busy work and social lives may prefer to contact us via our email address, or telephone number (both of which are also located on our website).

Are you pressed for time?

Our team understands that modern life can be busy, this is why some patients may prefer asking us a question online, if this is the case we offer our patients an online question form where they can type a short message, and fill in a few simple personal details. Our team strives to answer every single online application we receive, as we understand that your concerns may be urgent.