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Your options to straighten teeth with a dentist in West Byfleet

If you are seeking a healthier looking and feeling smile, then perhaps it is time that you decide to straighten your teeth, ensuring that those hard to reach places disappear and that you can confidently smile, knowing that people won't unconsciously judge you for your less than perfect alignment.

These days, perfection is expected, with social media constant and dental procedures such as veneers gracing the mouths of the rich and famous. A picture-perfect, white, even straight smile has become the norm and although this is relatively modern, the desire to have a healthy-looking smile is certainly nothing new.

We have always unconsciously judged others on the appearance of their smile, believing an individual with unattractive teeth to not only be less intelligent, but less trustworthy as well. This is not to mention how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror and see a smile that isn’t exactly how we want it to be.

How to get a healthier smile

Thankfully, having a healthier smile is available to everyone and if you missed out on straightening your teeth as a younger individual for whatever reason, options are available today by your dentist in West Byfleet to ensure that your teeth are given the appropriate care that brings them into alignment as quickly and effectively as possible.

By speaking to your dentist in West Byfleet about your expectations and wishes regarding your smile, they are able to help you choose between a vast range of different options designed to meet the needs of different situations that patients find themselves in.

For example, some people have put off straightening their teeth for a long time because they are uncertain about the impact that their appearance will have on their social life or business ventures wearing traditional braces. It may not have the professionalism that they need to perform well in their role and even though straightening teeth takes up to two years and offers a lifetime of results, this is a long time for some and time that cannot be sacrificed.

For others, the cost is a huge factor and as a result, this potentially cosmetic solution isn’t given the time of day. Whatever the reason, we understand and simply would like to speak with you about your options, keeping these limitations in mind.

These days, we have very affordable finance options and traditional braces that can be an option for those on a budget. We have clear, removable trays that fit snugly over teeth and are barely seen. We offer braces that work extremely quickly, within half a year, we offer lingual braces that are truly invisible and we can offer a bespoke solution that combines different treatments to provide the overall results that you are looking for.

An imaginative and open-minded dentist in West Byfleet looks forward to a unique challenge and wishes only to ensure each and every one of their patients is given the perfect treatment to provide them with their very own picture-perfect smile that they can enjoy for life.