Is an extraction better than a root canal? Pros of endodontics from our dentist at Byfleet Dental


When you have recently had a dental infection, you may be worried about it coming back.

After all, not only are dental infections very painful to experience, they can also cause damage to the bone and tissues in the mouth and, of course, an emergency dental appointment is usually needed to at least get the associated discomfort under control.

And, if you are like most people, you may feel that the only way to truly prevent an infection from recurring is to have the offending tooth removed. But if the tooth is one of the front teeth, this is far from practical and can create a secondary aesthetic issue.

There is a solution; endodontics or a root canal can prevent the recurrence of an infection without the need to remove the tooth and has a 96% success rate over 15 years.

And yet, as our dentist in West Byfleet is aware, few patients actually want to undertake a root canal, despite the obvious benefits it can provide. At our surgery, we have helped hundreds of people restore their smiles aesthetic and hygiene with a root canal and can attest to the success of the procedure long-term.

Still not convinced that root canal is the answer to your infection woes? Here are some reasons to reconsider it as a viable option from our dentist in West Byfleet.

Restores the tooth

Post-infection, your tooth may feel a bit sore and sensitive and you may wonder if it will ever feel ‘right’ again.

With a root canal, our dentist in West Byfleet will be able to restore the strength and functionality of your tooth; by removing the infected debris, packing the tooth and sealing the treatment with a crown or filling, your tooth will be as strong as it ever was and will feel normal to bite and chew with. Great stuff!

Prevents infection recurrence

While an extraction may seem like the ultimate answer to treating an infection, it may actually encourage another one to start.

After all, a hole in your mouth can act as a breeding ground for bacteria, and with the longer-healing time that comes with an extraction, it can be a more uncomfortable and prolonged infection than the initial one. Yikes! A root canal clears away the infected debris and with the skilled hand of our team, it will ensure that the infection does not spread into surrounding bone or soft-tissues.


Of course, a key benefit of a root canal is the aesthetic one; the tooth can stay in your mouth and is topped with a porcelain crown or filling. So, nobody will know you have had any procedure performed and there is no gap to attract unwanted attention. Perfect!


An extraction can prompt plenty of secondary costs. The gap in your smile will need to be filled with a suitable prosthetic, and this will usually involve a dental implant or a fitted bridge, both are exceedingly pricey and could be avoided with a simple root canal!