’Prevention is the best cure,’ says every dentist everywhere


We make it a priority to ensure that at every consultation that we have, we sit down and speak with you about your oral hygiene routine. We like to know your thoughts and concerns regarding your oral hygiene and your smile, and we offer you advice on how we believe you can improve upon this.

This is because modern and proven preventive care is quite possibly the edge that brings modern dentistry up and out of past times, where restorative care was the core of the work that a dentist in West Byfleet was expected to perform.

Through professional dental hygiene treatments, mouth cancer screening and minor preventive procedures, we are able to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and free from disease, identifying issues quickly so that they can be quickly dealt with before they become a problem.

Let’s go into detail about these procedures

During a dental hygiene appointment, a dentist in West Byfleet will remove any hard to reach plaque and tartar that has been missed by your brushing and flossing alone. When plaque or tartar builds up, it attacks the enamel on your teeth which can be permanently damaged.

During the appointment, your teeth will be assessed and risk factors will be determined. We will then polish and professionally clean your teeth using special tools and pastes. Your teeth will be left sparkling clean and healthy.

We will then talk to you about the best possible methods that you can adopt to ensure that your teeth can remain plaque free in the future. We take notes on how you clean your teeth and provide informed advice bespoke to your condition, rather than a general overview of how to clean your teeth.

It is important you attend one of these appointments regularly in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from disease and plaque build-up.

A mouth cancer screening check is an important examination to undergo as early detection drastically increases the chances of recovery. It is simply a thorough examination of the outside of your mouth including your neck and head and an inspection inside your mouth, inside your cheeks and under your tongue.

We can advise you on what to be aware of during the examination, so that you can come and get yourself checked whenever something is of a concern for you. We advise that you have a mouth cancer screening check on a yearly basis.

Other preventive measures that we can provide include having fissure sealants applied to either your or your child’s teeth. This is a thin clear sealant that is applied to the biting surfaces of your teeth, making them smooth and protecting them from damage and decay.

The grooves on these back molars make it particularly hard for children to brush thoroughly, so often food can get stuck in these areas. By filling them in, there is less risk of children needing life-long fillings in their new, adult teeth.

We are very serious about the preventive measures that we can take in order to promote good oral hygiene. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have for how you can keep your teeth clean and healthy.