What can a dentist do for you?


There are so many different treatments that we, Byfleet Dental, your dentist in West Byfleet are willing and capable of doing for you. Whether it is a restorative treatment that is necessary for the ongoing health of your mouth, or a cosmetic treatment to enhance and beautify your smile, we have a range of different treatments with which we can create a bespoke plan just for you.

By working together with you and understanding what your needs and wishes are for your final look, we can envision a tailor made treatment plan that is efficient, economical and above all, provides the results that you are looking for.

We proudly use top quality equipment and are constantly keeping ourselves up to date with the latest research and discoveries that are being made. It is a continuous journey and we are excited to be on a progressive path towards a healthier future.

How can we make smiles healthier?

New technology as well as advances in frequently used equipment allows your dentist in West Byfleet to quickly and accurately identify any points of concern that you may present with during your routine examinations.

We frequently use high magnification lenses and strong lighting to allow us to see early signs of decay that in previous years was relatively invisible to us. We would only be able to identify signs of decay once they were beginning to advance, meaning that our restorative treatments were more complex and there was a greater risk of them not succeeding.

With today’s technology, we can actively use preventive methods to control decay and use fast acting restorative treatments to eliminate these early signs of decay before they begin to damage your teeth, gums and overall health and well-being.

We can safely say that with such advances, we can begin to expect ageing generations in years to come to be able to have their natural teeth strong and healthy, throughout their entire lifetimes. This is the ultimate goal of every dentist in West Byfleet and it is certainly possible when both professional and patient work together and invest in the health of a patient’s teeth and gums.

Are some treatments more common than others?

Every patient that we see will experience some form of preventive care guidance so that they can ensure their smile is appropriately cared for everyday during their oral hygiene routine. We will always take the time to sit down and speak with you at the beginning and at the end of every consultation to understand what your thoughts, concerns and experiences are and to advise you on the best possible way in which you can maintain a healthy standard of oral health.

Restorative treatments are varied and common, but we believe that prevention is always better than the cure. Our focus has shifted over the past decades to be able to provide our patients with such a strong preventive care treatment system that restorative care is needed less and less.

For this to be realised fully and achieved correctly, you need to come in and visit us, ideally twice a year, so that any signs of decay or disease can be quickly identified using our advanced tools and halted in its tracks.