5 emergency dental problems from Byfleet Dental


In the last year, more people have become aware of when they need to seek medical help for issues associated with COVID-19.

However, it remains a mystery to many dental patients as and when they need to attend a dental surgery for emergency dental treatment.

As you may have guessed, a dental emergency is when you have a dental situation that requires urgent or same-day treatment. In most cases, people will only attend an emergency dental appointment when they are in extreme discomfort, but there are many other instances in which such an appointment is warranted and should be made.

At Byfleet Dental, our emergency dentist in West Byfleet is proud to be able to offer our patients same-day treatment, following a triage with our friendly reception team. We will always aim to see you within 24 hours of you contacting us for help and will treat you with a non judgmental and compassionate approach when you attend your appointment.

So, what are some of the signs that you may need to attend a visit to our emergency dentist in West Byfleet?

Persistent discomfort

As we mentioned before, one of the key indicators that you need to see our emergency dentist in West Byfleet is when you are experiencing persistent discomfort with a tooth or in your mouth.

This may feel like an ache, a burning, extreme sensitivity or a sharp pain. Irrespective of whether the discomfort builds slowly or happens quickly, you still need to seek medical attention to assess and treat the cause.


If you notice swelling to one side of your face, under your jawline or anywhere in your mouth, please contact us. It doesn’t have to have sprung up suddenly to be an emergency.

Oral swelling can point to an infection, an impacted tooth or even an allergy, all of which will require you to seek urgent medical help. So, the moment you spot a swelling, please call us!


It is unusual for bleeding from the mouth to last longer than a few minutes unless you have had a tooth extracted.

But if you have a persistent bleed that has lasted longer than 20 minutes with the application of gauze, then please call us. We will be able to stem the bleeding and treat the cause promptly and in this case, we will aim to have you seen as soon as possible.

Lost or loose restorative

Fillings and crowns don’t last forever and if you notice that one of yours is loose or has fallen out, you need to see our team.

Delaying treatment for a lost restoration can cause decay to set in underneath the gap and can lead to an infection.

Cracks and chips

Much like a lost filling, a crack or chip in your enamel doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to require an emergency appointment with our team.

Should you spot a crack or a chip in any of your teeth, our team will fix the damage with a composite filling. Perfect!