A check-up by your local dentist

dentist in West Byfleet

We all know that it is important to visit our local dentist in West Byfleet at least once a year and ideally twice. By setting a reminder for yourself or asking one of us to send you a reminder text message or phone call, you can simply carry on without concern that your teeth and gums are slowly deteriorating unbeknownst to you.

Even if you have immaculate teeth and follow a strict oral hygiene routine, the technology that we have available ensures that we can detect even the earliest onset of decay. You can also benefit from having a routine scale and polish, which can keep your pearly whites shining bright.

Having confidence in your smile is not the only reason why your dentist in West Byfleet is so keen on ensuring that you regularly come and visit them. Yes, we would love everyone to enjoy a healthy smile that they are proud to share and show and many studies have found that our self-esteem is quite intimately tied with the appearance of our smile.

But also, teeth and gums can become unhealthy without us even knowing it. Once you begin to experience pain or can visibly see discolouration or blackening of a tooth, disease or decay is usually too far advanced for any preventive treatment to have any effect.

We have to resort to restorative treatments in order to repair your teeth and we, your dentist in West Byfleet are a firm believer that prevention is better than any cure.

The technology that we have available these days has revolutionised the dental experience. We are more able to focus on prevention methods rather than restorative treatments, due to what we have at hand and how we are able to utilise our skills.

What improvements in technology have there been lately?

The X-rays that we have available these days emit less radiation and provide a more defined and clear image for us to use. We are able to glean more information from the X-rays and digital scans than ever before, and this enables us to make an accurate and quick diagnosis of your condition.

We routinely use high magnification and intensive lighting on our check-ups now so that we can spot early signs of decay more effectively. The earlier that we are able to identify if a tooth is weakened or damaged, the quicker we can set to restoring the tooth and providing you with a preventive treatment plan, to ensure that all your teeth remain strong and healthy.

It is important to us that your teeth are able to remain strong and useful to you throughout your entire life. This is now quite possible due to the advances in technology that allow us to use our training and skills more accurately.

We ensure that all of our team members are determined and experienced in their role so that you can feel comfortable in our very competent hands. Having a healthy and strong smile that you are happy to own is very important to us and we look forward to working together with you to make this happen.