Can our dentist tell that you smoke? Key things we can spot during your dental check-up


When you get that check-up reminder on your phone or via letter, it can be easy to assume that all that will occur is a simple sweep of your teeth and gums to look for cavities.

And if you are like most people, you will assume that a quick scrub around in your mouth with a top-notch toothpaste will be enough to fool your dental practitioner about your dental habits. Unfortunately, you are wrong!

A dental team can spot more during a check-up than you may think, and while we will always check for signs of decay and gum disease, we will also be looking and spotting other important indicators too!

At Byfleet Dental, our dentist in West Byfleet is proud to be your first line of defence against gum disease and tooth decay, but there is much more to a simple examination of your teeth than you may be aware of. And so, if you have missed a biannual dental check-up due to the pandemic or other issues, you need to book one today!

So, what exactly can our dentist in West Byfleet tell about you just by looking at your teeth? Read on to find out!

If you smoke

First things first, it doesn’t matter how much you use whitening toothpaste, our dentist in West Byfleet will be able to spot if you are a smoker.

Smoking not only makes your teeth look yellow during a dental check-up, but it also causes your gums to recede and any plaque in your mouth to look brown. If you want to quit the habit but need some help, talk to our team about smoking cessation.

How often you brush

Remember how we said that a general scrub of your teeth in the days leading up to your check-up wouldn’t fool our team?

This is because, if you have misaligned teeth or any missing teeth, plaque will accumulate in areas that are tougher to reach with a toothbrush and unless you brush your teeth twice a day every day, that plaque will remain. If you suffer from stubborn plaque, our team can offer you a deep clean or a scale and polish to remove it and reduce the chances of decay and gum disease from developing.

Signs of ongoing disease

There are many diseases and conditions which impact your teeth and gums, so it’s no surprise that our team at Byfleet Dental can spot them at a check-up.

If you have a chronic condition such as osteoporosis or are undertaking chemotherapy for cancer, this will show up during a dental check-up, as your jaw bone may be thinner or your gums may be receding. Of course, if we spot any signs of oral cancer during a check-up, we will send you for further tests.

Your lifestyle

Do you consume a lot of sugar and fizzy drinks? No fibbing-we will know!

Once again, discolouration of the enamel and excess plaque levels in your mouth will alert us to your sugar intake.