Creating a friendly and reassuring approach to dentistry with our dentist in West Byfleet

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Joining our practice

When you first decide to take care of your oral hygiene you need to make the decision of who to put on your team. By this we mean which dental practice will work with you throughout your dental journey. It may be that you have many dental practices to assist you throughout your life, but at Byfleet Dental we aim to work with you from childhood through to adolescence and beyond, providing a wide range of dental care from general dentistry through to specific dentistry fields, including cosmetic and restorative.

Free check-ups for children

As a private dental practice, our dentist in West Byfleet understands that costs are always considered when deciding upon the best dental care for you and your family. Whilst we are not available on the NHS we ensure that all patients receive the best care and at reasonable prices. Offering free check-ups to children who are existing members is one way that we like to help.

Providing the best care for your oral hygiene

When discussing the best care for your own oral hygiene, not only do we consider our part to play in the process, but also how we can help you. Rather than dictate a plan to you and constantly create a major regime for you to follow within your daily life, we ensure that we work with you as part of a team. This means understanding how your daily life usually runs including the routines that you have and which ones suit you best. The majority of your dental health lies within your hands and therefore our dentist in West Byfleet wants to work with you to create the best possible care.

It may be that we need to advise you on new techniques to try at home or encourage the use of more dental appliances, from flossing through to using an electric toothbrush. No matter what the method, we will do our best to ensure you are using the best approach at home, whilst we take the responsibility of your care within the practice.

A little nervous about your visit?

Having nerves surrounding your dental visits can put you off visiting at all and this is something we want to avoid. From the moment you get in contact with our dental team we will aim to put your nerves to rest and create positive associations with our dentist in West Byfleet. It may be that you have a visit to take a look around, followed by a general chat with the dental team before deciding to join Byfleet Dental. No matter what your fears are, our friendly and understanding approach will aim to assist you throughout your dental journey. It may be that we can take extra measures to help soothe your anxieties, such as having your appointment at a specific period of the day each time. Or it may be that you talk through each appointment before having any dental care carried out.

No matter what, at our practice the dentist in West Byfleet strives to work with you in a friendly, approachable manner so as to create positive associations with every visit.