Emergencies are not fun and when it comes to dental emergencies, they can certainly be unpleasant!

One of the reasons for most emergency treatment in general across the UK, dental emergencies are exceedingly commonplace. And, unlike many people assume, you may actually be having a dental emergency and be in minimal to no discomfort at all.

Of course, discomfort is the main motivator for many people to seek out emergency dental care, but there are many other dental conditions which warrant same-day appointments which can seem benign in comparison to a pulsating toothache. And this is where many people become confused about what is and what isn’t considered a dental emergency.

At Byfleet Dental Boutique, we are exceedingly proud of our emergency dentist in West Byfleet. Available to offer patients set appointments each day, our team will aim to get you out of any associated discomfort as soon as possible, allowing you to go about your day. Compassionate, careful and professional, we will not judge you and will simply treat the unpleasant ailment. Perfect!

But what are some of the tell-tale signs that you may need to see our emergency dentist in West Byfleet?


As mentioned before, there are few things more motivating than discomfort to get someone to visit our dentist in West Byfleet.

While vague in itself, discomfort is a sure-fire indicator that there is a problem. It may feel like a pulsation, burning or soreness that may or may not intermittently resolve. But as the discomfort can point to anything from a cavity to an abscess, when you notice it you will need to contact our team for a same-day appointment.


Different to a general dental discomfort is sensitivity; in this case, a sudden appearance of sensitivity which worsens when you are eating or drinking hot or cold beverages.

Sensitivity could indicate anything from a loose filling to a cavity forming to even the early stages of an abscess. And, just like the general discomfort, as soon as you notice it, contact our team for an emergency trip.


There is a reason why many cartoons depict people who have toothaches as having swollen faces!

It can be a sign of an abscess or even an impacted tooth, but when you notice any swellings to your gums, jaw or face, contact our team urgently. In rare cases, swellings of this nature may also point to oral cancer.


It would be unusual for a bleed to start in the oral area without trauma, but if you have recently been in an accident or had a tooth extracted, some bleeding is to be expected.

When the bleed ceases to slow after the application of gauze and a time span of 20 minutes, you will need to see our team for surgical stitching.


Whether it's a loose tooth, a loose filling or a loose crown, our team at Byfleet Dental Boutique can treat it efficiently, provided it is reported to us as soon as it is noticed.

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If you have missing teeth, then your dentist in West Byfleet is here to help. With a range of treatments to suit individual needs and a singular treatment that is effective in providing decades of use for a wide range of differing complications, we are sure that we can offer you a treatment plan that is uniquely designed for you.

The treatment we are talking about is dental implants, which is likely a procedure you have heard about, but perhaps don’t know enough to form an opinion about. Generally, a dentist in West Byfleet will recommend this treatment over other solutions to a patient who is in general good health, because although it is slightly more costly, it lasts a lot longer, making it a good investment in the long run.

It also eradicates a lot of the complications that other solutions often have and can even be used in addition to traditional teeth replacement options to secure and restore them. Let’s talk about how dental implants are used in a variety of situations as well as compare them to other teeth replacement options that are still favoured for certain individuals.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a titanium metal rod that is inserted directly into the jaw bone. A singular crown, a bridge of several teeth or a whole plate can be attached to this rod and is the basis of dental implant treatment.

Titanium is commonly used and is the best material for this treatment because it naturally forms a bond with the bone, creating the long-lasting and secure hold that no other tooth replacement treatment can compare to.

How do they differ to other teeth replacement options?

Other commonly known replacement options that your dentist in West Byfleet can offer include a bridge or dentures. Both of these treatments are limited to being placed on the gums, whether they are attached there or are removable.

This is advantageous for some individuals who have bone issues or if they have underlying health conditions that make the implant procedure not possible. However, when the jaw bone isn’t stimulated correctly when a replacement tooth remains on the outer surface of the gum, it recedes and this can cause further dental complications over time.

Who are dental implants for?

Whether you have lost a single tooth or have lost all of your teeth over the years, this treatment will be able to work for you. Because it lasts several decades, younger individuals who have lost a tooth due to an injury can find that they can move forward again in life with a fully functional smile that requires no additional care besides being conscious of potential infection at the site of the implant.

For those individuals whose dentures are slipping in their mouth because their jaw bone is receding, stabilising their denture with this treatment can ensure that their teeth stay in place when they want it to, eliminating those embarrassing situations and ensuring they can eat the foods they want when they want.

If you are seeking a healthier looking and feeling smile, then perhaps it is time that you decide to straighten your teeth, ensuring that those hard to reach places disappear and that you can confidently smile, knowing that people won't unconsciously judge you for your less than perfect alignment.

These days, perfection is expected, with social media constant and dental procedures such as veneers gracing the mouths of the rich and famous. A picture-perfect, white, even straight smile has become the norm and although this is relatively modern, the desire to have a healthy-looking smile is certainly nothing new.

We have always unconsciously judged others on the appearance of their smile, believing an individual with unattractive teeth to not only be less intelligent, but less trustworthy as well. This is not to mention how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror and see a smile that isn’t exactly how we want it to be.

How to get a healthier smile

Thankfully, having a healthier smile is available to everyone and if you missed out on straightening your teeth as a younger individual for whatever reason, options are available today by your dentist in West Byfleet to ensure that your teeth are given the appropriate care that brings them into alignment as quickly and effectively as possible.

By speaking to your dentist in West Byfleet about your expectations and wishes regarding your smile, they are able to help you choose between a vast range of different options designed to meet the needs of different situations that patients find themselves in.

For example, some people have put off straightening their teeth for a long time because they are uncertain about the impact that their appearance will have on their social life or business ventures wearing traditional braces. It may not have the professionalism that they need to perform well in their role and even though straightening teeth takes up to two years and offers a lifetime of results, this is a long time for some and time that cannot be sacrificed.

For others, the cost is a huge factor and as a result, this potentially cosmetic solution isn’t given the time of day. Whatever the reason, we understand and simply would like to speak with you about your options, keeping these limitations in mind.

These days, we have very affordable finance options and traditional braces that can be an option for those on a budget. We have clear, removable trays that fit snugly over teeth and are barely seen. We offer braces that work extremely quickly, within half a year, we offer lingual braces that are truly invisible and we can offer a bespoke solution that combines different treatments to provide the overall results that you are looking for.

An imaginative and open-minded dentist in West Byfleet looks forward to a unique challenge and wishes only to ensure each and every one of their patients is given the perfect treatment to provide them with their very own picture-perfect smile that they can enjoy for life.

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