If you are looking to fall in love with your smile, you want it to be an asset that you are comfortable with and proud to share. Certainly, your smile is perhaps the first feature that other people see about you and a big factor in how we unconsciously judge one another during that all important first impression.

We believe that it is important to love who you are, but to also enhance features of yourself that improve your self esteem so that you are more readily able and willing to take life by the horns. When considering cosmetic dentistry, you can be assured that with any procedure you are looking at, you are not only improving the appearance of your smile, but the health of it too. That way, you can confidently embark into potentially unknown territory knowing that your actions will have lasting, positive influences not only on your emotional wellbeing but your physical health as well.

What are some of the procedures we can offer you?

A dentist in West Byfleet can look at the appearance and condition of your smile and offer effective solutions that can improve upon both of these factors. We seek to resolve any concerns that you have with your teeth, gums and entire smile in the most natural looking way. We do not seek to create false, ‘too-perfect’ teeth but rather bring out your unique and personal beauty and enhance it for all to see and enjoy.

The way we do this begins with an in-depth and bespoke consultation. This is our opportunity to get to know you and for you to divulge your concerns, goals and wishes for your future smile. We then look at the health of your teeth and gums and talk with you about the multitude of options that can be available to you to straighten, whiten or simply perfect your teeth.

Many of our cosmetic solutions tend to also be preventive or restorative, as it is in dentistry. For example, if your teeth are misaligned then a dentist in West Byfleet will offer you one of the many kinds of braces that we know have available. Straightening teeth not only improves the appearance of your smile but also improves your overall health and allows you to clean your teeth easier, which results in a healthier smile as well.

Some of us are very keen to achieve instantaneous results which can actually be a reality thanks to innovative solutions that are now available with your dentist in West Byfleet. One of the more popular treatments is porcelain veneers, an expensive albeit phenomenal solution that transforms ordinary smiles into the picture perfect ones that grace the covers of magazines and on TV.

Of course, tailor made solutions are available. Talk to us about your expectations, your budget and your time frame so that we can work together to find a treatment that best suits you and provides you with the solutions that you have been looking fo

At our dental surgery located in the heart of West Byfleet we not only embrace the high standard of dentistry our experienced team provides to our patients, but we also choose to offer an extensive variety of the procedures we administer. If you are an individual looking for a modern, friendly, and professional dental surgery that promotes a patient-centred dental approach then our dentist in West Byfleet could be the perfect option for your smile!

The general dental procedures available at our dentist in West Byfleet

At our dental clinic in West Byfleet we not only offer patients of all ages hygiene appointments (typically consisting of cosmetic cleaning and oral examinations and screenings) but we also offer emergency dental care, and even root canal work.

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dental care is vital within the field of dentistry and works to prevent the development of more severe dental decay, oral diseases, and infections (such as gum disease to name just one common example). Within the field of preventive dental care our professional specialists may focus on oral cancer screenings, in addition to the maintenance of a high standard of dental hygiene, therefore working to prevent more serious concerns later on in life.

Helping you achieve your dream smile

In addition to keeping their smile healthy and happy, many of our patients may wish to boost their self-esteem too! Cosmetic dentistry focuses primarily on improving the physical (and therefore aesthetic) appearance of a patient’s smile. Some common cosmetic dental treatments that many of our new patients may be familiar with consist of porcelain veneers, white fillings, and lastly teeth whitening.

Is teeth whitening right for you?

Teeth whitening could be argued as the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry within the modern world of dental care, and may be the first treatment to spring to mind when an individual hears ‘cosmetic’ and ‘dentistry’ in a sentence. With this cosmetic dental treatment’s popularity in mind therefore, many of our patients may wish to know what to expect from the teeth whitening treatment process.

What to expect from the teeth whitening treatment process

Teeth whitening is extremely popular within the world of cosmetic dentistry. Despite many patients being familiar with the term, they may however be unsure of exactly what to expect from the treatment process. Much like any dental treatment at our surgery every patient will attend an introductory appointment (also commonly referred to as an ‘initial consultation’).

What happens next?

During this appointment our dental team will work with our patients to discuss their problem areas, the results they wish to achieve, and lastly the stages and pricing of the teeth whitening procedure.

Ensuring our patients achieve the best possible dental results

At our clinic in West Byfleet we strongly believe in using high quality dental materials in order to produce the best results for our patients. Our Pola whitening system uses a combination of a day and night system to effectively lift staining from red wine, coffee, and even smoking.

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The modern world of dentistry can be difficult to navigate for many of our patients, which is why it is so vital they choose the right dental clinic to accommodate for their unique dental case. At our dentist in West Byfleet we offer our patients a private and family oriented dental practice with a fantastic team of dedicated dental healthcare professionals who all share a passion for the high standard of dentistry they provide. If you are an individual who is looking for a friendly, modern, and therefore comfortable dental clinic to achieve your dental goals then our dentist in West Byfleet could be the perfect option for your smile!

What makes our dental surgery unique?

Within the modern field of dental care we understand that there is not only an ever increasing variety in regards to the treatments on offer but this also means a rise in competition too! At our surgery in West Byfleet we strive to provide both our new and pre-registered patients with an exceptional dental experience whilst tending to any dental concerns or questions they may have.

The treatments on offer at our dental surgery

In addition to offering our patients with general dental procedures (such as bi-annual check-ups every six months to maintain the patients’ oral health) we also offer individuals an extensive array of more complex dental treatments.

How important is a dental check-up at our clinic?

Many patients may choose to overlook a bi-annual check-up at their local surgery. However, this could be considered vital when maintaining the health of a patient’s smile. If you are considering rescheduling your dental hygiene appointment, then you may wish to know what to expect if you do refrain from staying on top of your oral health.

Taking control of your oral hygiene

Within the day we consume food and drink that slowly builds up on the surface of the teeth. When not removed correctly unfortunately this oral bacteria can build-up over time, slowly developing into tartar or plaque on the surface of the teeth. If you are experiencing yellowing or dental calculus on the surface of your smile, then you may wish to pay our specialist clinic a visit!

What to expect from your bi-annual check-up

At our dental surgery in West Byfleet we suggest our patients visit our clinic twice a year, in order to ensure their teeth and smile are staying healthy in the comfort of their own home. Many nervous patients may wish to know what to expect during their dental check-up, which is therefore something we always strive to accommodate.

Did you know?

The accumulation of tartar on the surface of the teeth can unfortunately develop into oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example). With this in mind therefore it needs to be removed promptly through a treatment commonly referred to within the field of dentistry as a ‘cosmetic clean’ or a ‘scale and polish’.

What happens next?

A scale and polish is just one example of the many dental hygiene treatments delivered during a bi-annual dental check-up. In addition to a cosmetic clean, our dental healthcare professionals may also ask you questions regarding your diet, whilst checking your teeth for signs of decay, and cavities.

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