Cosmetic treatments are popular with many of our patients who understand the importance of loving their smile. Your dentist in West Byfleet understands this as well and we aim to help you at our Dental Boutique. We always ensure that every one of our professionals is highly trained and naturally skilled with that eye for beauty, as well as having a confident and experienced hand.

It takes skill to ensure that a cosmetic procedure of any kind looks natural; we aim to enhance the unique beauty that you already have. We urge you to take the advice and recommendations of our dentist in West Byfleet in regards to both cosmetic dental procedures and facial aesthetics as we are confident in our ability to get you the results that you seek.

Who better to consult you about how facial anatomy and structure works than an individual who has studied such matters for years? Come in and speak with us about the vast range of services that your dentist in West Byfleet can offer you as part of a package of cosmetic treatments aimed to improve your confidence in your smile and in yourself.

What are some of the treatments we have on offer?

Focusing on your teeth, we offer a range of different solutions to straighten, whiten and perfect your pearly whites. Teeth whitening is a quick and relatively inexpensive procedure that can boost your confidence in an instant for a great night out. The results are long lasting if you ensure that you reduce the intake of teeth staining food and drinks, such as coffee, tea, or red wine.

Porcelain veneers can create that smile makeover that you have always wanted to have. Many individuals who have got veneers seem to have perfect straight, big, white and even teeth. This is a look that many people want to have, and in this case veneers may be the right choice of treatment.

The treatment consists of a thin shell of ceramic that is glued to the outer surface of your teeth. The results are phenomenal and long lasting. When cared for correctly, the veneers can last upwards of a decade. They can be ideal for patients who want a natural looking treatment that will last throughout the years.

Are there any other treatments available?

We also offer our patients a range of facial aesthetic treatments to plump, soften, smooth and tighten your skin. We know your smile doesn’t end at your lips and so we have developed a range of effective and safe treatments so that you can experience that complete smile makeover.

We provide anti-wrinkle treatment, which is ideal for patients who don’t want to undergo major surgery to gain a fresher looking face. Another popular treatment that we offer is dermal fillers, made from non-animal sources. Results can be seen almost immediately and last between 6-12 months.

Come in and speak to us about these solutions so that you can receive bespoke advice and guidance regarding your smile and appearance.

It is important that you come in and visit your local dentist in West Byfleet every 6 months or so to maintain an appropriate level of oral health. There are some instances in which you may need to come more or less frequently than this and this will be discussed with your dentist in West Byfleet during your appointment.

We benefit from having advanced technology and equipment which means that we are able to identify early stages of decay. We recommend that you visit us every 6 months as changes can occur within this time. For the best possible chance to prevent further complications, we aim to treat any concerns that you may have as early as possible.

We look at dentistry as an overall oral health care that is defined by three different fields. These fields are preventive, restorative and cosmetic. When you come in for your routine check-up, or for a different matter, we can discuss with you what we are able to provide you under these three fields.

Often, preventive treatment is our focus as there is nothing better than prevention to an issue. This means that for children, we guide and educate them to ensure they understand the importance of brushing and flossing teeth and how to do it properly.

We extend this knowledge to adults as well as we all need reminders. We can also give you practical tips that are useful to your personal situation, such as what firmness of toothbrush would suit you and what kind of toothpaste would be the most beneficial.

There are also preventive treatments available, such as fluoride applications and fissure sealants. A fissure sealant is used to fill in the deep grooves found on our biting molars in the back of the mouth to prevent decay.

Children especially find it difficult to clean these teeth and trapped debris is the leading cause of decay in young teeth. It is devastating to see young teeth filled with cavities, especially when these new teeth are intended to last them a lifetime. By developing and utilizing fissure sealants, we are preventing the need to apply many fillings in young teeth and ensuring that they have the best chance possible of remaining healthy. Once the sealant chips away over time, you can easily replace it as well.

I thought it was all about drilling and filling!

Not at all! Your dentist in West Byfleet is really focused on your overall health and wellbeing here. However, we can of course perform many restorative treatments when the need arises so that you can ensure that your natural tooth remains functional.

We will only extract a tooth when it is absolutely necessary as we have found that restoring and retaining the tooth is more beneficial in the long term. If you need some kind of restorative treatment done on one or more of your teeth, we will discuss the process with you as well as the advantages and importance of keeping that tooth as healthy as possible.

When it comes to excellent dental care, look no further than your local dentist in West Byfleet. We have a massive range of technical knowledge and equipment that enables us to give you a service that goes above and beyond ordinary expectations.

It is important to us that you feel confident and comfortable in the dental chair. Only by forging a positive professional relationship with you is your dentist in West Byfleet able to truly understand what it is that you need from us. We will perform a physical examination of both inside and outside your mouth and discuss your concerns and your goals regarding your oral health. By doing this, we gain a deep insight into your condition and develop a tailor made plan in which to address any concerns and meet your desires.

Come in and speak with us about the vast range of treatments and procedures that we have available. Together we can discuss the advantages that each of these methods may have on your overall health and wellbeing.

The initial consultation

We know that coming in to visit your dentist in West Byfleet for the first time can be a little daunting. You may have chosen to come to us because you are new to the area or because you have had a somewhat negative experience in the past and wish to change to a friendly dental practice. It may be that you haven’t seen us in years and the longer you put it off, the harder it is to go.

Trust that we are a non-judgmental, professional and approachable bunch who are eager to get you back on track. We look at the here and now and seek affordable and effective ways in which to treat your condition and to get you smiling from ear to ear again.

With a range of treatments that are preventive, restorative and cosmetic, we encompass an entire treatment range into our services that we provide to you.

As you come in to see us, we may ask you to fill out a small questionnaire to get some initial details noted down. These may include your medical history and any previous dental work that you can recall. Your lifestyle and your habits will also be discussed so that your professional can gain an understanding of how you look after your smile from day to day.

The waiting room is warm, inviting and relaxing. We cater to nervous patients and understand that the thought of decay and disease is pretty unpleasant. As you are waiting for your appointment, you need not be reminded of these situations. We are happy you are here with us and we will move forward out of fear and into a bright future with you.

The physical consultation may include X-rays and scans so that we can get a complete picture of the health of your mouth. After the examination is complete, we can discuss the path forward and any recommended procedures so that your smile can remain strong and healthy.

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