Preventive dental treatments we offer at Byfleet Dental


With so much emphasis on cosmetic dental work, it can be easy to forget about preventive dentistry. After all let us not forget, for people to undergo any type of cosmetic dental treatment, their mouth has to be in tip-top shape.

Preventive dentistry is the underlying foundation of good oral health and is important for children and adults alike. As it focusses on averting issues and diagnostic areas of oral health, it is essential to prevent advanced dental problems that can occur with your teeth and gums.

Unlike cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry can be performed by multiple oral health providers and even patients in their own homes. When you come to Byfleet Dental for preventative dental work, our dentists in West Byfleet along with our oral hygienists will work together to ensure your mouth, your teeth and your gums are healthy.

Which dental treatments are preventive?

An interesting facet of preventive dentistry is that it is usually performed by many different professionals. If you are a patient at a smaller dental surgery, you may find the staff ill-equipped to offer the full set of preventive treatments to you.

Our dentists in West Byfleet can offer you all of the preventive services you could ever need under one roof.

Hygiene appointments

Performed by our hygienist dentists in West Byfleet, hygiene based appointments are an additional service that is undertaken alongside regular dental check-ups. A common hygienist procedure that we offer is a scale and polish.

Our hygienists will assess the condition of your mouth to explore how much plaque and tartar removal you may need and can advise you on risk assessments to prevent the accumulation from reoccurring. To remove the plaque, a series of gels and pastes will be used along with specialist equipment.

If you have special dental needs due to partial bridges, implants or dentures, our hygienists can advise you on a personalised oral care routine to keep your mouth disease and decay free.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer rates are gradually increasing and as with all cancers, early detection is the key to recovery.

If you have any small lumps, bumps or areas that feel constantly sore, you should come in and see one of our dentists for a screening; it is a painless procedure and if our dentists deem it necessary, they can refer you for further testing with a specialist consultant. If you smoke, you should be undertaking one oral cancer screening a year.

Child dentistry

Young children are at a higher risk of developing tooth decay than other age groups, so we offer specialised services to help children keep their teeth and gums healthy.

We are able to provide fluoride sealants on teeth that are showing the early stages of decay and coming to the dentist earlier in life allows identification of conditions like under- and overbites, so they can be treated earlier.

Contact us today for more information about our different preventive dental services.