Trying to get your kid to enjoy the dentist? Tips on making dental care fun from Byfleet Dental


When you have a family, you will probably be aware of the struggles associated with cutting back on sweets, making them eat their greens and, of course, getting them to brush their teeth and not kick up a storm when it is time to visit us at Byfleet Dental.

It is a fact that few (if any!) children enjoy getting into the dental chair and so, it is important for you as their parents and us as their dental team to make the experience as fun as possible. Sound impossible? We have a few tricks up our sleeve to ensure that your kids enjoy looking after their teeth, leading to a lifetime of good oral health.

Because at Byfleet Dental, we know that prevention is better than cure, our dentist in West Byfleet will always aim to make each trip your children have to our surgery as enjoyable as possible. We will endeavour to teach them how to look after their teeth and gums, while also making sure that you, their parents, are reassured and happy with how we treat your children.

But how can we ensure your kids enjoy their dental care while also making it educational? Our dentist in West Byfleet provides the following tips.

Do it together!

Children learn by example and so, if you show them how to brush their teeth by engaging in the activity with them, this will make it more fun. It will also give you the chance to check that they are brushing their teeth correctly.

Why not go one step further and ask them to brush your teeth for you, and then vice versa? It may sound silly, but our dentist in West Byfleet promises that it works!


Of course, kids love getting rewards and what better way to reinforce positive behaviour than giving your children a treat for taking care of their teeth?

Each day your children brush their teeth, you could put a star on a chart and then, come to the end of the week, give them a treat (as long as it’s not a sugary one!). Then, after they get the all-clear from our dental team following a check-up, you could reward them with another treat. Great stuff!

Regular visits

If you avoid dental check-ups with your children, they are more likely to feel apprehensive when it comes to having a member of our team examine their teeth?

To prevent the issues that come from irregular visits, be sure to always book their appointments every 6 months, so we can make sure that their teeth and gums are healthy and avoid any extensive or uncomfortable procedures.

No stress

If you are stressed, your kids will be too and while it may seem odd to become stressed over something as simple as a check-up, our team sees many parents who appear to be anxious when they see us.

Avoid stress when it comes to check-ups, so your children won’t be worried every 6 months.