Getting over a dental infection? 5 benefits of endodontics from our dentist at West Byfleet


When you are recovering from a dental infection, chances are that you are looking for ways to prevent another one occurring ever again.

Just a brief description of a common dental infection; they can occur due to trauma to the oral area, decay or even from the bacteria in your mouth multiplying and getting underneath your gum line. And when an abscess or infection occurs, it is more than tempting to simply ask our team to remove the offending tooth and move on.

Luckily, there is a way that we can preserve your smile while also ensuring that the awful infection never reoccurs, with a procedure known as endodontics. Or, as you know it, the root canal.

Our team at Byfleet Dental knows in-depth how unpleasant dental infections can be and as such, our team always emphasises our attention on prevention of such unpleasant occurrences. But, if an infection hits, we know just how to solve it quickly and painlessly, ensuring that your oral health remains intact and you can go about your day pain-free following your visit with us.

But why do we opt for root canals over extractions when possible? Read on to find out!


Our dentist in West Byfleet will always aim to preserve your tooth and so, if you have had an infection which could be easily treated with a root canal, then that is the option we will choose.

Once the infected pulp has been cleaned, we will preserve the strength of the tooth by packing the pulp and canal with a filling material, designed to keep the tooth from breaking off. And with over a 96% success rate 7 years after the process, a root canal certainly does preserve the tooth.


While you may think extraction is better for your tooth, a root canal is actually more suited to boost your long-term health.

As our dentist in West Byfleet will clean the infected tooth thoroughly, this prevents the infection from spreading to surrounding teeth, which could occur following an extraction.

Also, as the tooth remains in your mouth, there are no secondary worries about plaque and bacteria accumulating in the gap; great stuff!


If you have a root canal, your tooth is topped with a white filling or crown, helping you keep your pearly white smile intact.

If you have an extraction, you will have a gap which can cause problems with your confidence and will be detrimental to the aesthetic appeal of your smile.


An extraction may need a restorative procedure to fill the gap and, frankly, they are not cheap.

A dental implant or a bridge is the most popular choice following an extraction but compared to a root canal, they are pricey and can cause secondary issues, such as pressure on surrounding natural teeth.


Performed correctly, a root canal can last the rest of your life; no missing teeth, a preserved smile, no recurring abscesses and no concerns about damage to neighbouring teeth. Great stuff!