Worried about that gap in your teeth? Benefits of oral implants by our dentist in West Byfleet


Whether you are 18 or 80, losing a tooth or teeth can have a tremendous impact on your self-confidence.

And while some people can learn to live with a gap in their teeth, this is understandably harder to do if the gap is near the front of your mouth. So, what can you do?

In years gone by, dental teams would have closed the gap with either a fitted bridge or partial denture but thanks to advances in restorative dental care, today there are many more options.

For instance, you can now replace anything from a single missing tooth to an entire mouth of teeth by having dental implants fitted.

At Byfleet Dental, we have helped many patients restore their smile using dental implants. Our dentist in West Byfleet will determine which type of implant is the most suited to you based on your oral health, helping to fill that gap and ensure that you get back your former bite and chewing strength without the worry of wobbly dentures. Fantastic!

Why does our dentist in West Byfleet recommend using dental implants to replace missing teeth? Read on to find out!

Improved bite

We all know that missing teeth can create an issue with your bite and so, a key benefit of having our dentist in West Byfleet fit dental implants is that your bite strength will greatly improve.

While dentures can offer some assistance with better biting, they are often loose and cannot handle harder foods. Ergo, dental implants are the best way to ensure you maintain a varied diet through having a stronger bite that can tackle apples, nuts, corn on the cob and more.

Better oral health

Gaps in your smile attract plaque and bacteria, which can have long term issues on your general oral health.

While the idea of having metal screws placed into your jaw may seem contraindicatary for good oral health, closing those gaps and reducing plaque will protect your mouth against secondary complications.

Better general health

The studies linking oral plaque and bacteria to other health complications such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes are extensive and so, having implants which reduce the occurrence of plaque will also act as a preventive measure to these other issues.

Studies have also found links between higher levels of oral bacteria and cancer, so having implants over leaving a gap in your mouth can actually save your life.

No more headaches

If you have natural teeth in your mouth, gaps can cause them to not mesh correctly.

Throw sleep into the mix of poorly meshing teeth, and the outcome is frequent morning headaches or migraines. Implants allow your natural teeth to slot together as they should, reducing the occurrence of headaches. Great!

Gastrointestinal issues

Teeth are essential for chewing food; a mouth with gaps in it cannot break down food correctly, leading to stomach issues such as excess acid or heartburn due to larger pieces of food reaching the stomach. Implants assist with correct food breakdown, alleviating any associated gastrointestinal problems.