Dental care is important regardless of your age, but when you are a parent trying to get your toddler to attend a dental check-up, it can feel like an uphill struggle!

Let’s be honest; very few children (if any) like attending dental check-ups. And while it can be tempting to skip a few appointments for the sake of some peace and quiet, it can have detrimental impacts on their oral and general health.

This is why many dental surgeries, including Byfleet Dental Boutique, support early exposure to dental care for children, to avoid future issues from occurring.

At Byfleet Dental Boutique, we care about your child's teeth and their overall health. Therefore, our dentist in West Byfleet recommends getting your child to attend their first dental appointment before they reach a year old. This will have many benefits for their future and will allow you to bypass those tantrums when it comes to getting them into the dental chair.

But why does our dentist in West Byfleet suggest such early exposure to dental care? Read on to find out.


One way to boost your child's confidence in any situation is to expose them to it as early as possible.

And when it comes to visiting our dentist in West Byfleet, this rule is no different. Even if you child has only just cut their first tooth by the age of 12 months, exposing them to the sounds, the smells and the routine of a dental check-up will allow them to become familiar with it. In the future, this will remove any associated fears and will prevent them from developing phobias.

Better hygiene

Children love sweets and this is a key reason why early exposure is important.

Maintaining the routine of check-ups occurring every 6 months will prevent your child from developing tooth decay and cavities, and will allow our team at Byfleet Dental Boutique to perform regular preventive procedures such as the application of fissure and fluoride sealants.


Alongside being preventive against decay, regular dental visits can also help to predict other dental issues; a key one being anything orthodontic.

With the technology we have available, our team at Byfleet Dental Boutique are better equipped than ever before to accurately predict whether or not your child will need to wear braces, and can prevent the length of any orthodontic treatments with the use of aligners.

Better health

There have been innumerable research papers published which have linked dental health to general health.

If your child has excess levels of plaque in their mouth, they are at a higher risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular issues and even cancer. And as early exposure to dental care can lead to a healthier relationship with dentistry throughout both childhood and adult life, it is unlikely that any area of plaque will go unseen.

So remember, getting your toddler to have a good relationship with our team at Byfleet Dental Boutique will set them up for a great smile and a healthier life.

So you’ve just discovered that either you or your partner are expecting a baby.

The next few months are likely to be jammed packed with medical trips, planning baby showers and getting everything you need for the day when your new family member arrives.

But it is unlikely that you have considered the importance of having a healthy set of teeth and gums during those all-important 9 months.

Indeed, studies have found that mothers who maintain better oral health during pregnancy are less likely to give birth prematurely, the babies often have a higher birth weight and are generally healthier.

So, if you are pregnant and need a check-up, come along and see our team at Byfleet Dental Boutique. Our dentist in West Byfleet will ensure that all of your prenatal dental needs are seen to, so you can relax and wait for your new baby to arrive. Perfect!

But what are some of the dental issues that have been linked to pregnancy?

Acid erosion

Unless you are exceedingly lucky, during the first 3-6 months of your pregnancy, you will experience morning sickness.

And, unfortunately, with all that stomach acid coming into contact with your teeth, they may possibly succumb to acid erosion. Our dentist in West Byfleet can ensure that your teeth remain protected against any further erosion by applying a fluoride sealant to the enamel. Like clear nail varnish, this protects the surface of the tooth and strengths it, without changing the appearance.

Tooth decay

Pregnancy cravings and lethargy can lead to some rather unusual bacteria growth on your teeth and this can lead to dental decay. Also, with the hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy, your teeth could possibly be weakened.

Once again, our dentist in West Byfleet can apply a fluoride sealant to your teeth, which will strengthen the tooth against decay. We may also suggest a targeted mouthwash, which neutralises acids and prevents cavities from forming.

Pregnancy gingivitis

During pregnancy, the immune system can become a bit over-responsive and may cause you to suffer from an inflammatory condition called pregnancy gingivitis.

Characterised by bleeding and swelling of the gums, this can be alleviated by our team using specialised cleans, toothpaste and mouthwashes, but can also be helped by attending appointments with our hygienist.


A rather alarming, but usually harmless occurrence which can accompany pregnancy is the formation of lumps on the gums.

Called pregnancy granulomas, these are typically left alone by our team at Byfleet Dental, but if you have a granuloma that begins to hurt or is impacting on your ability to eat, we will resolve to remove it. Don’t worry! The removal will require nothing more than a localised numbing agent and maybe some stitching.

Plaque removal

Excess levels of plaque equate to inflammation and decay. And, unfortunately, during pregnancy, plaque has a higher chance of developing under the gum line and causing such issues. Our team at Byfleet Dental will ensure that any concealed plaque is removed to keep your mouth healthy.

When it comes to the world of restorative dentistry, many people are less than enthused when told that they need to have a root canal.

Despite its nearly 100 years of use in dental care and the countless smiles and teeth it has saved, it is regarded as one of the most unpopular of all dental procedures. Many patients have heard rumours about it being unpleasant, causing discomfort and even killing the tooth that it is performed on.

Luckily, none of this is true and, in simple terms, a root canal prevents the need for a dental extraction which can cause issues with aesthetics, functionality and can even cause the surrounding teeth to move out of line. Yikes!

As a root canal is a fairly standard procedure, our team at Byfleet Dental Boutique have used it to restore countless smiles, allowing our patients to keep all of their teeth. If you are told that you need a root canal, our dentist in West Byfleet will happily explain the procedure to you fully, allowing you to decide if you wish to have it performed or if you would rather opt for an alternative treatment.

But what are some of the myths that surround this form of endodontics? Our dentist in West Byfleet provides the answers to some mistruths and common questions about root canals.

I’ve heard it will be uncomfortable?

Firstly, a root canal would never be performed before the area is sufficiently numbed.

Also, as such a procedure is only likely to be performed due to either an infection or facial trauma, our dentist in West Byfleet can assure you that it is more likely that you will experience an immense decrease in discomfort once the procedure is over.

Does it kill the tooth?

In short, no.

A root canal removes infected debris from the pulp of the tooth; it does not involve removing the nerve or any other part of the tooth which may kill it.

How long does the procedure take?

If you are having a root canal performed on a molar, it is likely that this will take 2 sessions.

These will typically be spread over a 5 day period. If you are having a root canal performed on one of your front teeth, then this can be accomplished in 1 session, which may take up to an hour.

I’ve heard that root canals can fail- is this true?

It is true, but exceedingly unlikely.

If during the diagnostic X-Rays our team discovers that your tooth roots are malformed, we will send you onto a specialist who can ensure that the procedure is successful. However, generally, root canals have a long-life, with many lasting the duration of a patient's life with no issues or need for re-application.

How long do they last?

As mentioned before, if performed correctly, a root canal should last the rest of your life without failing.

If you are concerned that there is an issue with your root canal, contact our team promptly.

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